Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cinema Snob creates Indiegogo to make fun of Christian movies

As usual Brad Jones proves yet again that he can't make anything with begging. Last time it was begging for money to pay for a funeral, now it's to beg for money to make fun of Christian movies. That's not a very christian thing to do, but then again Brad is a devil worshiper. How much is he asking for you say? A whopping 50,000 dollars! All of which I'm sure will be spent on the movie and not himself or his mortgage, you sure showed them Brad. Sigh.

Starring Dave, Rob Walker as Santa Christ and Malcolm as the Devil, yeah you can tell they are using quality content. And what kind of title is Jesus Bro? That's cringy as fuck, you might as well have called it Tips Fedora. Let's wait and see how much of a Jew Brad is, I wonder how much he will he get before becoming Jew Wario 2.0.