Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Jerrid is back and Brad's new girlfriend (Again)?

It's about time, Jerrid has finally come back and done a video since his long absence. Yay, but I really don't care. All Brad's video's are boring as shit, that's the main reason I stopped watching. Checking what's going on nowadays with him it's exactly the same shit. And he wonders why people stopped watching his shit.

Seems like Brad has his own casting couch since he's changing girlfriend every month, dude must be pretty desperate. And why is he making his life so public? He's probably starved for attention since nobody really gives a shit about him anymore, both online and in real life. I noticed alot of forced laughter from the video, Brad and crew always do this because they think everything they say is comedy gold when in fact it's the opposite. He also said people noticed him when he was in the cinema, stroking his ego as usual. Anyway I honestly don't give a shit anymore, I don't watch any of his video's and people always bring what's going on to my attention.

Apparently Brad mentioned the sucks blog in one of his recent video's, anyone know which one it was? And Brad is you are reading this which you probably are because you've got to know what people say about you, then stop fucking putting your personal life on the internet. You are an internet nobody for a reason.