Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Once upon a time Brad tried committing suicide

This happened years ago apparently, I bet he's like "guys i have depression! feel sorry for me! I...I tried to kill myself once! Oh don't forget to donate to my patreon. Seems like he's Jew Wario 2.0 in the making at the moment, he has become more of a meme than a man. But simply he's a fuckup, these are just younger normie fuckups. He shouldn't still be having these fuckups at his age, some people are born stupid. Brad's also looking for a hugbox since tumblr probably hasn't been giving him any, boo hoo.

Boo hoo...

And Violet obviously broke his heart and he's just trying to deal. He made this video because every fucking comment on his twitter was dude don't kill yourself or Christfaggots telling him to kill himself (how ironic is that shit?), then when he said he wasn't going to a bunch of people were like I don't kill myself because of your videos and shit. Which is a whole different sad as fuck story I won't even begin to delve into, seriously go see a therapist or something if that's true because goddamn. The most fucked up part of this is that Jew Wario actually did kill himself, and Brad almost killed himself, before Spoony did. No one on Earth could have called that shit. Also his ex's nudes and e-begging are getting even lewder on her twitter so that's fun to watch, that bitch cray. Christ fags were telling him to commit suicide because they were probably triggured over his reponse to the Kirk Cameron, kek.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Brad get's dumped by Violet plus Jake and Jillian updates

Now honestly I couldn't give too hoots about the Cinema Snob or anyone related to him anymore, the reason I'm posting this is to let people know the down low. That and I saw a thread on 4chan about this crap so I just had to make a post for the lulz and what not. 

She dumped him right after he got home from taking a train all the way to Detroit and back to see her for her birthday, damn bitches are cold man. All of that effort he made and then she gives him a swift kick in the nuts. Fucking Brad, man. He got a bullet right in the chest.

But hey, she's the past now. Don't really blame her because it was a bit long distance thing and being in her early 20s probably just said "fuck it" just like many of us would have done at the same age. But still, I hope Brad can find the person he's looking for next time.

He said they were suppose to announce their engagement today, meaning he already proposed and she said yes. But for some reason, she called it off.

On the plus side, he's apparently friends with Jerrid again. I thought they were done forever. I might watch a video or two if Jerrid comes back. And if you don't remember this is the reason Brad gave for Jerrid leaving in the first place way back. 

There's also some Jake and Jillian news:

Dear lord, I wonder if he'll actually make a video. 

Man, sounds rough. 
That's all for now, and the site has really become drama central because I don't watch or follow the Cinema Snob anymore. I know that sucks for some but who the fuck cares anyway.