Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Rough Times for Jake and Rayn

Kek, it seems Jake got fired from his Pizza job because money went missing on his shift. Now him and his special snowflake are asking for money on gofund me. 


I had to stop working due to a disability known as fibromyalgia. Work was literally killing me and i was in and out of the ER constantly. The last sraw was coughing so hard from bronchitis I caught from a coworker that I cracked two ribs.

While dealing with trying to get disability, my boyfriend lost his job, due to the fact money went missing on his shift and he was the manager on duty. They had an idea if who it was but no proof so he had to take the blame. 

We've been slowly slipping into debt with all our bills and rent since then, all the while still trying to get disability settled. Our landlord has been patient but I'm afraid as the money adds up we shall be facing eviction soon. Luckily it's winter and they can't shut off our heat or electric due to the cold weather act or the companies probably would have done that by now as well.

Attempting to live frugally and make things from scratch has helped, but not really made a huge dent. We've gone without a lot as well. Using rags instead of papertowel and me not getting snowboots because why justify the cost when I can just layer socks in my sneakers?
My boyfriend has been working with a counselor to try and find work, but no such luck yet...

Then our car broke down as well. Replaced the battery and alternator just to find out it's an issue with the fuel pump. The one that's in there is a $400 part that's approx 3 years old. It shouldn't be dead yet. Most likely the problem is electrical. A very expensive fix.

Just recently we were hoping on taxes to be the saving grace to at least get caught up on bills and rent (and possibly have enough left over to fix the car, but unlikely). All $6,253 was taken for my boyfriend's unpaid student loans. They sent us no notification that this was going to happen.

I've tried getting help from various organizations but they want proof people have been helping with bills monthly. That hasn't been happening, so I have no proof to give. Therefore I get denied anything but health insurance and $100 a month in foodtsamps (to feed 3 people! Which I've actually somehow managed to do.) The food stamps have only been for a few months and were just recently cut off due to not having the paperwork proving people have been helping with bills. I asked how I was supposed to have paperwork for something that doesn't exist but never got a reply...

I've really been trying to stay positive through all this, as stress can actually exacerbate my condition. I also don't want my 6 year old seeing just how terrified I am at this point. He doesnt need the stress either. I feel broken and lost. I don't know what else to do at this point or where to turn other than here...

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this and any small bit really does help

So it seems they have got the JUST factor when it comes to being mentally retarded, I mean first the miscarriage because they're idiots and now all this shit. I think it's down to their stupidity and not bad luck, and I wonder what Brad thinks about all of this. He probably is laughing his ass off, though did anyone else noticed how Ryan called Jake her "boyfriend". Ouch, just goes to show you what type of people they are.