Sunday, 29 November 2015

Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie

While not entirely Angry (Unlimited Peso's) Joe or Spoony (Noah the Jew) One or even Cinema (Bald Bastard) Snob related, I had to make a post about it because apparently people think it's worth talking about. Yes the retard himself (Linkara) actually went to the effort of making a shitty movie, and boy oh boy did he use that 60 thousand dollars wrong. I also haven't actually seen the movie since I'm not stupid enough to actually watch more than 10 seconds at a time, sorry DHI.

But at least we got this funny image, right?  Anyway this movie is the perfect example of how not to be Linkara, for 60k multiple movies could have been made on a shoestring budget and probably returned some money if done properly. Heck, I could have made a professional movie with high production values with that amount of money, it wouldn't be a le ebin science fiction epik but it would be better than this crap fest.

Get a load of this autistic faggot defending himself like the nasty cock slut he is.

Oh and I'm waiting for the inevitable time Linkara comes here to defend himself, because we all know he's the type of person who googles himself. And you know what I think about this entire "movie"?

Word to the wise. 
And at the end of the day who the fuck seriously cares about any of this? I have hard enough of a time giving a shit about anyone of these internet nobodies, and anybody who actually watched the entire thing might as well be a nasty cock slut themselves. Whatever, I'm out of here. Now get the fuck off my site you nasty cock slut.


  1. This movie was sweet like cookies. Have ever tasted a cookie before, man? Maybe that's why you assume you'll hate it, because you fear change. Sweet, sweet change.

  2. Nice Blog and article. Thanks for sharing

    1. lol do you have dick problems or what ? XD

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  4. I'll just comment your blog one time because i'm not gonna come back to it. You suck. You're entire work is base on hating others person work. You seriously suck. Please stop sucking. Have a nice evening.

  5. You're absolutely right, eveyone from That Guy With The Glasses and Stoned Gremlin are all washout hacks. I always thought Linkara was a fag, the Cinema Snob made me laugh once, maybe twice, and The Nostalgia Critic wasn't unbearably awful until he started those fucky ass "Team Reviews" with the rest of the trash on his website to help boost their channels.

    Have you ever seen the new Channel Awesome? It's fucking pathetic. And to top it off, our 3 favorite Autistic internet celebrities are all thre licking eachother's taints and tongue punching eachother's fartboxes. It's absolutely hideous.

    Great posy, thanks for making this website.