Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Brad and Sarah Bully Jillian in the Jurassic World Midnight Screening

I think this image speaks for itself. 
I can't believe this actually happened, I know that Brad and Jillian have had their rough patches but this is just beyond belief. Effectively, Sarah and Brad bully Jillian all the way throughout the video over her opinions on the Jurassic World movie and the series in general. And you want to know the worst part, it looks like they were enjoying it, that's just sickening to hear. This becomes even more apparent as people in the comments section also pointed this out, them like me couldn't stand that Brad and Sarah did this to one of their friends. Brad couldn't stand the backlash he was getting so he started randomly deleting comments, this isn't the first time he's become salty.

Everytime Jillian would say something about the either they would either brush off her opinion or just talk over her. He's like Mike Matei now, and just like him he takes his anger out on other people, maybe it's because Jake "stole" his girlfriend and Brad is just pissed.


Yes, this is very sad.

It's because Brad can't stand that Jillian liked the movie.

You see that, Brad is just ignoring his opinion because he's right.

Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed it.

Seems like Brad is in damage control mode.

That may be, but Brad was clearly pissed that she liked the movie.


  1. Movies can be quite the touchy subject. Those lines that divide "I loved it" and "It's an abomination". I only hope I have never been truly awful to others about it...I fear I may have failed

  2. They always gang up on her and even as a fan looking back it really did put a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. Brad and Sarah's SJW-Meter is showing.

  4. To be fair, Brad and Sarah are constantly buying Gillian ice cream.