Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brad Jones tried to commit suicide and then assaults Jake

Apparently the Cinema Snob has had an accident, there are two versions of this event provided by Brad Jones himself and his ex-girlfriend Ryan. I'll go with Brad's version first and then with Ryans.

This is Brad's version of what happened, it seems like he's in damage control mode when you hear Ryan's version of what happened.

I'll give you the down low of what was said during that conversion with Ryan and her friends. Apparently Brad tried to commit suicide and sent Jake and Ryan texts that he was going to do it, Jake told Jillian what happened and she rushed over to Brad's house and brought him to hospital. Then a couple of days later Brad invites Jake to a bar for a couple of drinks to talk things over, but when they go outside to have a smoke. Brad goes to Jake's neck twice and Jake judo flips Brad and he whacks his face off the pavement. That's why Brad has that damage on his face, because he was flipped by Jake and not that he fell off his porch. We have on Ryan and her friends word over what happened, though it's obvious that Brad would never come forward with this information anyway.

Brad then posted his two pence on the whole situation on the Dead Horse Interchangeable.