Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Developments in the Jake Getting Fired Situation

There's been another development in the Jake situation, apparently Jake's mother of his first child has come out and gave her opinion. Take a look below:

"Hi everyone! I just want to set some things straight on here. I am completely and utterly prepared for the consequences and seeing as Brad opened his big mouth first I thought I'd clear up a few things when it comes to the whole "Jake Fired" thing.

Let me start off introducing myself. My name is Mama Kat and my relationship to Jake is that I am the mother to his first son. I was at one point considered Brad's friend but seeing as he blocked me on Facebook (For no other reason than butt-hurtness) I guess we aren't Bros anymore. (Oh yeah, I also stole the girl he "loves".) I am also Rayn's girlfriend and maid of honor. (I was asked to clarify that they aren't engaged. I just will forever be her maid of honor no matter who she marries.)

So to say that I'm a little involved in the situation and a little biased is probably an accurate statement.

But let me reiterate that I have tried to see both sides of the situation and I do have a strong opinion on both.

Brad is correct. He did have feelings for Rayn. From my understanding they were real and deep. But it wasn't reciprocated. That had nothing to do with Jake. It just wasn't mutual and unfortunately that didn't seem to be understood at the time. This I can slightly understand why he was upset.

When Rayn and I started dating I made it clear she had to put a huge foot down and tell Brad so that he understood there was no way in hell that they would be together. She did this and Brad said he was hurt but got over it. The moment she told him Jake was now involved he threw a panty fit that his "brother" found happiness. He fired Jake because he was so butt-hurt and couldn't stand the fact that he REALLY couldn't have Rayn now.

Jake didn't steal anyone. She wasn't interested. Why is that so hard to understand? So no. I don't have any of this "blah blah blame Jake blah blah he stole her blah blah" talk. That is completely irritating.

Thank God they haven't talked. I really don't see the reason Jake should have to talk to a child about grown up issues. Clearly he can't handle them.

I have no comment on Jake's past relationships. The fact it was brought up is completely and utterly uncalled for is so mind blowing that I can't even begin to comprehend why it crossed his mind.

BUT I WILL ADDRESS THE 17 YEAR OLD ISSUE HE STATED. Yeah I know who this was directly addressed towards. She kept hitting on Jake. I saw the messages. Brad even admits to seeing them to. When I confronted him about seeing the messages he immediately became quiet saying Maybe jake intended to be with her. No. He told her to stop messaging him. And then the topic was immediately dropped. I am the youngest person jake has been with since he was 18. And he carded me! He doesn't want to go to jail. He isn't like that.

It's funny that he says he bangs so many woman... hahaha... Jake you're cute. But I know you aren't that trashy. I could easily chop these thoughts and comments he's making to Brad's past issues but that isn't my type of personality. I guess that's the difference between a 21 year old woman and a 33 year old child.

Jake is an amazing actor. Anyone who thinks that he has serious issues is such a fool. Brad if he fooled you then he deserves to be hired back. Quite frankly you're nothing but a foolish child. Even if the truth was he was bonkers how slimy is it to say it out to the whole world? I'm so disappointed in what was said. I don't bring up YOUR issues brad. It wouldn't be right.

I'm a little biased when it comes to people lying about others that I care about. So to say I'm aggressive is true. I don't handle lying well. And the whole statement he made is so "slighted" towards him that it makes me sick. Maybe he should list true facts the way that it happened.

Rayn was interested.

Brad was interested.

Rayn wasn't interested.

Brad still was.

Rayn was interested towards me and Jake.

Brad didn't get it.

Brad finally got it.

Rayn apologized he wasn't the right fit.

Jake got fired.



I am completely and utterly prepared to hear people trash me. And trash the situation. Go ahead. But I have only spoke the truth.
For the record I have been banned from two sites after respectfully answering questions about what happened. Brad has "cleared" things up he's wrote in messages I've gotten. I found this thread from three different people. Brad referenced it. Rayn did. Jake did. Found some on my own.
I am biased. But I hate people being Persuaded without all the facts.
Yes brad has a right to be upset. But he has no rights to lie.
Frankly brad is the one who asked noone to say anything. And jake agreed. Jake hasn't broken his silence."

Apparently the place she posted it on locked the thread.



  1. So disgusting, all of them belong in an insane asylum

  2. shouldnt the avengers midnight screening be up by now? You think the drama escalated?

    1. It's probably exclusive to Patreon for a week, he's been doing that for some video's.

  3. What an asshole, he keeps people waiting for the Avengers vid and tries tricking people into watching his dumb cinemasnob shit first and then when he finally uploads the real one its just a waste of an hour talking about everything BESIDES Avengers 2.

    Probably got warned he cant talk bad about it because they hardly say anything positive and then just move on to talk about random nonsense, Im now officially done with this site this was like the only think I was looking forward to and he uses it to proof he is a sellout lol wtf

  4. Jake, you will be sorely missed. Glad you went out like at the end of Midnight Heat, though. You got the girl and am finished that *beep* Brad. Hope to see you in some more things soon. Keep your fans informed.

  5. Every single one of these people need to be committed and subjected to EST so maybe they ae fucking normal. Jesus Christ this shit is sickening to even read and I mean on BOTH sides of the fucking isle. HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE LIKED?!

  6. Yeah, this is hardly a normal and healthy series of relationships. All that nonsense basically states that Ryan was cheating one Brad with TWO people. And this woman expects him to just be ok with that? Firing Jake is entirely understandable given the circumstances and he's lucky he just got that.

  7. You seem to have created this blog to trash Brad, but all your evidence proves why he's the only sane one.