Thursday, 2 April 2015

More Information on Jake Leaving Team Snob

Well it seems that the rift between Jake and Brad may have have happened because of a new show that Brad's girlfriend was planning to make. Brad was producing and starring in it with Ryan and Jake, but apparently something happened behind the scenes which resulted in Jake getting fired.

Just look at how Brad himself put it: "He's not coming back. Deal with it." Check out the image below if you don't believe me.

This leads you to believe that what happened between them must have been serious, even by looking at his Patreon account you'd know that something is up because it was so sudden. This is the only official comment that has been made as Brad has forbid anyone from talking about Jake, both on the site and off. Heck, Brad's even been going full Spoony mode deleting tweets left and right. That and he's been so salty recently, mostly because people have been asking about Jake. They want him back, lot's of people want him back.

I'll list some rumors that people think may have happened to Jake

  • He beat up some black kid and is going/went to Jail, there's a media blackout until the trial
  • Jake and Brad had a falling out over Ryan's new show, Jake was more involved than Brad and maybe he got Jealous. Or caught them doing the hunka chunka. And apparently she had broken ribs, maybe this is fallout from that event. Also Brad and Ryan are not together anymore, and this puts more fuel to the fire.
  • Legal Trouble
  • His job is keeping him from doing video's for Brad
  • Problems with how the Patreon money should be spent

Brad stated in his Patreon message that he'll be removing Jake from all the current shows and that he'll be edited out of Shot on Shitteo. This is just a low blow, also notice how he only told people on his Patreon account that Jake would be leaving. Shouldn't he have put this on the site, that's a more appropriate place. But I'm guessing Brad wants to keep this under wraps so he can't protect his persona. Also notice how this is the third person with J in their name that Brad has forced from the site, Jerrid, Jillian and now Jake. Man, Brad must have some problems...

A friend of Jake's apparently said he was fired.

Ryan's facebook post. Notice where she said Brad said to say nothing about Jake's circumstance.


  1. Woah, wait a second...yeah, what happened to Jillian? I've noticed she hasn't been in any review vids lately.

    1. She left, she only came back for the Dragonball movie that came out a while back.

    2. Juicy...any word on why?

    3. I'm guessing she just got fed up with it, they were phasing her out over the year and then she just stopped appearing.

  2. All the people who comment here against Brad Jones are providing ego-gratification to a sick, homophobic psychopath.

    This guy cruelly made fun of a man after that man committed suicide. This piece of shit has no concern for the feeling of others.