Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Jungle Holocaust

A jungle movie, these movies are just tedious and Brad's unfunny jokes that fall flat on their face just make it worse. The approach he takes to every single video is so generic, repeating wikipedia information is a sign that he doesn't even give a shit. Heck, he even shows said page in his video. And I don't know why everybody is always singing praises about every video he puts up, do they even have an opinion outside of blindly following a bald man child on the internet. I mean the jokes and humour in this video are shit, reaching levels of those terrible rifftrax commentaries. But what can I do, it seems fanboyism rules the day in the comments section as usual and it's just sad. Anyway, the video's mediocre and don't bother watching it, get an opinion from a professional instead of some wannabe comedian.

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