Friday, 10 April 2015

Exorcist II: The Heretic

As usual with his latest trend, he picked a very popular franchise to make a video on. I was surprised that he didn't even mention the re-make of the original, which is probably the only reason he's doing this movie. But then again, he is still in damage control mode over recent developments on the site so naturally he isn't going to state he's doing it for the clicks. That and apparently it falls under "what the fuck hollywood" so he can pander to those retards.

As usual he repeats the information from wikipedia like some robot, it comes off as forced and not natural. And it doesn't help that throughout the entire video he makes shitty joke after shitty joke, it's just as sad as Nostalgia Critic's (Brad even rips off his jokes) review of the movie. But then again, at least he tried to give a fair assessment of the movie instead of trying to rip off mystery science theater and failing. I mean seriously, he makes a joke literally every two seconds without giving the movie or the viewer any breathing time. He bombards the viewer instead of letting them take a breather, it's the most obnoxious and pretentious running commentary ever.

Now let's get to the little criticism of the movie he gave. Brad says the movie is ambitious but never says how, how is anyone meant to take him seriously when he can't even back up his facts. The same goes for all his ramblings in the video, at one point he says the editing is strange because in one scene it shows an airplane even though it's the priest character coming back from Africa. This shows that he didn't even pay any attention to the movie, he is fascinated with the age of Linda Blair and it comes off very creepy and remember he watches porn for a living so he's probably jacking off in some corner of his house like the sad little man he is.

Anyway if you want a real opinion on the movie check out cinemassacre's review of the movie, don't stick with Brad's terrible comedic attempts.

Check out what little comments there are:

So what, though at least Doug is more intelligent than Bad.

Exactly, and go watch his video. It's much better.

Wow, a very fair assessment of the movie. Shame Brad can't even try and attempt this.

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