Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The House by the Cemetery

It's good to see him put effort into his video's again, as they are always good when he does. Well let's get to the video shall we, he goes through it TGWTG style and actually does a good job this time, unlike some of his other video's this year. The jokes are funny and it's clear he put thought into them, some more than others mind you. And did he have any criticism for the movie, he did and it was only twenty seconds. It really does sound like he is reading the cliff notes from someone elses review because the way it flows just isn't Brad Jones or the Cinema Snob for that matter.

Now let's get to some stuff in the movie he found confusing or just didn't understand.

  • He didn't know what was making those eyes in the cellar, even though if he paid attention he would have known it was the cat.
  • He didn't know why the house was making children noises, remember the monster in the basement took body parts so it probably took a childs vocal cords. Possibly the little girl's that Bob sees in the movie.
  • He didn't know how the father knew about the monster, even though he found his friends notes.
  • He didn't understand the ending, granted it is confusing but if you knew anything about Lucio Fulci it would be that he was intrigued with the afterlife. Just watching the Beyond would tell you that, and reading interviews with him.

It seems Brad really didn't do his research on this movie on this one, nor did he pay attention enough. I could rant more about stuff he didn't pick up on in the movie but I think this is enough. Anyway here's some comments:

Hasn't this guy got anything better to do?

Exactly, it seems he didn't pay attention.

Damn right, it's called foreshadowing. 

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