Sunday, 29 March 2015

Miami Connection

Well this isn't something I'd think he'd review, I mean didn't he give up reviewing stuff like this ages ago. But then again when has Snob in recent years even been consistent with his ever changing series of video's, probably because he's trying to find new demographics to increase his viewer base. But let's get to the actual video, and remember these aren't review because it's a pure TGWTG style video with no criticism whatsoever. Reminds me of another reviewer on the site. His jokes in the video range from what the hell was he thinking to he put no effort into any of them. I'll list a couple of them below:

  • Location card jokes (Riveting)
  • Thinking that the actors actually killed people (Was that meant to be funny?)
  • Says the band is pretty shitty (If he thinks the songs are shit then he has very bad taste in music, and those songs were nostalgic and catchy)
  • Making crude sexual movements (I didn't want to see him thrusting)
  • Makes handicapped car spot joke (Yeah we all know Brad is the real handicapped one here)

Now let's get to all the plagiarism he did in the video, he basically repeats the production segment off the wikipedia page at the beginning of the video. Then at the end of the video he repeated the release segment from the wikipedia page, not even Nostalgia Critic would go this low. This clearly shows Brad Jones inability to actually write his own dialog, without it sounding forced and bad. Though the sketch with Film Brain at the end was actually pretty funny, mainly because he made fun of bad. Showing that the truth really does hurt, though originally his lines of dialog weren't even in the video because he forgot to include them. But it's fixed now, and that right there shows how much of a failure he is at editing.

Check out some comments:

Sounds like someone didn't like Jake leaving, me included.

Nope, he was honest. I doubt anyone would want anything Brad would write.

So no better than Jillian's then, amirite Brad? I know you read this blog.

Yeah me too...but apparently he left for good.

Is this a thing now, where he keeps making editing errors. Or is he just plain stupid.

Yeah Brad is going full Spoony on his site, he deletes most stuff Jake related.

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  1. I just cant watch this guy anymore, not even midnight screenings he is in.
    Everything about his face and smile just scream FAAAAAAKEEEEEEEE, dude doesnt have an ounce of personality left in him.