Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Beyond the Darkness: Buio Omega

He spends the first two minutes deciding what to call the movie, and failing miserably at an attempt at comedy. To make this fact worse, he goes through the entire video with bad lighting, he actually started filming with his curtains open. Moron, does he want to be ridicule for being so inept at making video's. But then again what do you expect from some guy who watches porn and gay porn? But let's get to the actual video, he goes through it saying bad jokes and making shitty references ranging from his shitty movie Hooker with a Heart of Gold, to fucking Tequila and Bonetti because that's comedic gold. I'm actually saying the same thing every week, it's the movies and random clips that people find funny. Not the actual guy himself, do I need to post an asalieri video?

Let's get to his criticism of the movie, or rather all thirty seconds of it. For the last thirty seconds he goes on a wild tangent mentioning stupid stuff from the movie, this is the only part where is gives an inch of criticism. Shame he put so little effort into that part of the video. Anyway here's some comments:

Oh lord, someone actually remember that show. Does anyone remember "I want a cone"?

I know, but then again they need the clicks. And they think it's hilarious.

What are you stuck watching Love Me Licia? That Italian Live Action sequel of that Japanese Anime...or not. Yes, I actually made that reference. That's how hardcore I am!

Exactly, one thing Italian movies get right.

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