Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?

A porno, you'll probably hear this a lot but this isn't an Italian horror movie. I'm not asking for one every week but at least every fortnight, but as the Cinema Snob said himself "I didn't have enough time and I was being lazy". He could have worked on something else and had a video up a couple of days later, but it seems he's more concerned with views and getting a video out faster than actually keeping his promises.

Now lets get to the actual video, its a borefest and the only entertaining thing about it is the banter in the movie. Its actually funny unlike Brads terrible and childish jokes, maybe if he actually put some effort into it instead of black boxing porn, then maybe people would actually think he's funny. And that's basically the down low of the video, if an unfunny guy on the internet is your thing, then by all means go right ahead. You'll notice his faults soon enough.

Now lets look at some comments from his site and YouTube.

So Brad was in a porno?
Oh, no. It's the Japanese King Arthur!
You would have thought he would have picked up on that.
Oh, come on. That guy was hilarious. "ROOOOOSIE!"


  1. rofl these idiots are actually so dumb that they take the oscars serious

  2. these people are sick as fuck, watch the duff review. They start talking about killing sims in the sims games and the way they talk about it shows what kind of satanic sick fucks they all are. People call me crazy for saying theyre satanic but their talk about sacrifices and sorcery just proofs it.