Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hell of the Living Dead

Finally a video that is somewhat enjoyable since he put effort into it, unlike the last travesty of a video. He does a good job of making a good video with some nice jokes but misses out on actually giving any criticism to the movie, he basically goes through it TGWTG style and even completely misses some points the movie brings up. He even makes some mistakes when talking about some scenes in the movie, showing that he didn't even pay attention. I'll list them below:

  • He states that they get on a boat and somehow end up at the Hope Center, even though they special forces unit were going there in the first place.
  • He says at the end of the movie that the zombies or rather the virus spreads to the United States, even though the scene is meant to represent the virus spreading outside Papua New Guinea. He probably thought it was America because there's white people,  moron it could even have been Australia or a tourist resort.

Putting his idiocy aside, it seems the Cinema Snob is more concerned with making bad jokes and sketches rather than actually trying to create an enjoyable and educational review. That's if you could even call his video's reviews, even though they offer very little criticism outside of repeating what's on Wikipedia. That's the Cinema Snob for you, someone who is more concerned with keeping the norm rather than trying to reinvent himself and become something noteworthy.


Annoying, a faggot, and don't forget moron now.
That's probably how he went bald, you know since he does live with other guys.
Not only is he incompetent, but he's also bad in the editing room.


  1. wow I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time last night..,
    Damn is that one huge mess of corny characters, bad plot and boredom!
    Worst "superhero" movie ever and these retards from the cinemasnob were all raving about it! They're insane o_0

    1. That's just them being morons, he was like that with Dredd and John Wick. Some taste in movies they have.