Wednesday, 21 January 2015


You know, I was actually kinda excited to see that he was gonna review some Italian movies. But it seems he doesn't know shit about Italian movies, never mind zombie Italian movies outside of what he reads on Wikipedia. He does the usual TGWTG routine and it's really unimpressive, he's just basically saying what information he found from a Google search rather than use his actual intelligent, of which he is probably lacking.

Oh, that's just disgusting.
He does two stupid things throughout the video such as throwing up brown crap from his mouth and blood splattering on his face when someone get's shot, riveting. This elements of the video are just painful to watch as they aren't funny at all, just stupid and disgusting. Because when I want to see a "review" or rather Brad's funny half hour, I want to watch a boring video. He also does that thing where he tugs at his collar or twitches his face to show that it's unnerving to him, can't he see that this is what makes a shitty video, but I'm sure when he's in the writing process it's comedic gold to him, moron.

And get a load of this, he can't even spell Gremlin right. All in all, what makes this video bad in Brad Jones own inability to actually give a well thought out opinion on a movie. Shit's and giggles are his way of life, with bad jokes I may add, and it seems thinking isn't his strong suit. He didn't even attempt to comment on the art direction, music, or cinematography. The finer points of this movie, easily one of  Lucio Fulci's best.

I thought  his reviews on Italian zombie movies would actually be good, I was wrong. He proablly isn't even experienced in this genre because he even called the Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond" a zombie movie, has he even seen the movie. It's a horror movie you moron, if you actually watched the movie you'd have know that. Anyway let's look at some comments:

Great, so he accepts charity now.
I'd love to see his do this movie, but I know he'll mess it up.
He stopped being a character ages ago, it's just a front so he can defend himself from criticism. That's like saying Linkara is a character and when he makes mistakes it's the characters fault and not his.

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