Sunday, 29 November 2015

Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie

While not entirely Angry (Unlimited Peso's) Joe or Spoony (Noah the Jew) One or even Cinema (Bald Bastard) Snob related, I had to make a post about it because apparently people think it's worth talking about. Yes the retard himself (Linkara) actually went to the effort of making a shitty movie, and boy oh boy did he use that 60 thousand dollars wrong. I also haven't actually seen the movie since I'm not stupid enough to actually watch more than 10 seconds at a time, sorry DHI.

But at least we got this funny image, right?  Anyway this movie is the perfect example of how not to be Linkara, for 60k multiple movies could have been made on a shoestring budget and probably returned some money if done properly. Heck, I could have made a professional movie with high production values with that amount of money, it wouldn't be a le ebin science fiction epik but it would be better than this crap fest.

Get a load of this autistic faggot defending himself like the nasty cock slut he is.

Oh and I'm waiting for the inevitable time Linkara comes here to defend himself, because we all know he's the type of person who googles himself. And you know what I think about this entire "movie"?

Word to the wise. 
And at the end of the day who the fuck seriously cares about any of this? I have hard enough of a time giving a shit about anyone of these internet nobodies, and anybody who actually watched the entire thing might as well be a nasty cock slut themselves. Whatever, I'm out of here. Now get the fuck off my site you nasty cock slut.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Brad Jones is a salty fish

Seems like a certain bald bastard from the fourth dimension can't take criticism, he also deletes comments on his site like a tranny on tumblr defends "its" existence.

I mean does that guy really deserve such a snarky response? Heck no! Maybe Brad's been letting the internet get to him because everything's crumbling around him, his video views is clearly a sign that he's an internet nobody that's flapping its arms trying to get attention some people on reddit like his video's. But what do you or I care, it's internet drama and we all know the real reason anyone's interested is because they themselves are Paul Latza clones.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cinema Snob's ex-wife Jillian is apparently sick

From Brad's site:
 “On an important personal note. You may have noticed a lack of Jillian on the site or online in general recently, namely the Jem and the Holograms review. Jillian has been going through some tough times here recently, and there’s only so much that I can get into here, but what I can say is she’s been going through some very severe medical physical issues.

We’re doing what we can to help her, and part of what will help her is to get her out of her current living situation, which involves some pretty terrible and health affecting shit. You know it’s serious if we’re doing something like this, but there’s a donate button on the front page of this site, and if you can spare anything to help out Jillian, even a little bit would be appreciated. Thanks a million, from myself and from Jillian. I’ll keep you all updated too. ”

Man, this shit sounds serious. It's weird that this blog is just a drama blog for Brad, considering that I haven't watched any of his video's in ages, this information finds its way to me one way or another. To cut the story short: this is about drugs, a little birdy told me that it had something to do with "that meth head" that Jillian met through World of Warcraft, you know the one she cheated on Brad with. Apparently that girl was a meth addict and introduced Jillian to the stuff, if you know about drugs then you know that this spells trouble. I've had experience with the stuff and a couple people that I've known (one of them being my best friend since childhood) have died from drugs. So I know what's going on, my best wishes go out to Jillian and I hope she get's better soon.

Though I do find it strange that Brad has asked for donations, we don't know what the money is being used for. I mean it would be different if he said that she has medical bills that need to be paid, but I'm guessing that he doesn't want to go into it anymore than he should. I just think he should have been a little more forward with it, that's all.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Jake is having a Baby with Ryan

A guy on the DeadHorseInterchangeable spotted this on Jake's Facebook profile, suffice to say, Jake's having a baby with Ryan. This actually happened months ago, but I couldn't really give a shit and only got around to posting it now. What say you, internet?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Brad's New Girlfriend

Appearing first in the Midnight Screening for Terminator Genisys, she set the comments section ablaze. People were scrambling left and right trying to find out who she is, check out the list below:
  • Crazy Fan
  • Special Snowflake
  • A creep
  • A groupie
  • Psycho fangirl
Her names Violet, is this her actual name or is that her stage name? I'm confused, who the hell names their child that name, morons? It also seems Brad choose her because of her "goth" looks according to commentators, and that she kinda looks like Jillian. Sounds like someone is in denial. She also looks like a special snowflake, Brad probably choose her because that type of person is easier to control. And that just tells you something about Bad Jones himself, you can tell this is true since she's constantly clinging on Brad's arm throughout their video's, and let's not forget that she giggles at everything brad says and every twenty seconds, it's like she's on laughing gas. Or trying to get Senpai's attention. Man, cinema snobs fans sure are creepy. But then again that's what happens when you review porn for a living, sicko.


He does have a point.

So right after his last breakup he got another one right away, I wonder how that happened.

Yes, creepy indeed.

Sounds like someone is in denial.

Brad's fans sure are defensive. 

You see, I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Brad and Sarah Bully Jillian in the Jurassic World Midnight Screening

I think this image speaks for itself. 
I can't believe this actually happened, I know that Brad and Jillian have had their rough patches but this is just beyond belief. Effectively, Sarah and Brad bully Jillian all the way throughout the video over her opinions on the Jurassic World movie and the series in general. And you want to know the worst part, it looks like they were enjoying it, that's just sickening to hear. This becomes even more apparent as people in the comments section also pointed this out, them like me couldn't stand that Brad and Sarah did this to one of their friends. Brad couldn't stand the backlash he was getting so he started randomly deleting comments, this isn't the first time he's become salty.

Everytime Jillian would say something about the either they would either brush off her opinion or just talk over her. He's like Mike Matei now, and just like him he takes his anger out on other people, maybe it's because Jake "stole" his girlfriend and Brad is just pissed.


Yes, this is very sad.

It's because Brad can't stand that Jillian liked the movie.

You see that, Brad is just ignoring his opinion because he's right.

Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed it.

Seems like Brad is in damage control mode.

That may be, but Brad was clearly pissed that she liked the movie.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Brad Jones tried to commit suicide and then assaults Jake

Apparently the Cinema Snob has had an accident, there are two versions of this event provided by Brad Jones himself and his ex-girlfriend Ryan. I'll go with Brad's version first and then with Ryans.

This is Brad's version of what happened, it seems like he's in damage control mode when you hear Ryan's version of what happened.

I'll give you the down low of what was said during that conversion with Ryan and her friends. Apparently Brad tried to commit suicide and sent Jake and Ryan texts that he was going to do it, Jake told Jillian what happened and she rushed over to Brad's house and brought him to hospital. Then a couple of days later Brad invites Jake to a bar for a couple of drinks to talk things over, but when they go outside to have a smoke. Brad goes to Jake's neck twice and Jake judo flips Brad and he whacks his face off the pavement. That's why Brad has that damage on his face, because he was flipped by Jake and not that he fell off his porch. We have on Ryan and her friends word over what happened, though it's obvious that Brad would never come forward with this information anyway.

Brad then posted his two pence on the whole situation on the Dead Horse Interchangeable.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Developments in the Jake Getting Fired Situation

There's been another development in the Jake situation, apparently Jake's mother of his first child has come out and gave her opinion. Take a look below:

"Hi everyone! I just want to set some things straight on here. I am completely and utterly prepared for the consequences and seeing as Brad opened his big mouth first I thought I'd clear up a few things when it comes to the whole "Jake Fired" thing.

Let me start off introducing myself. My name is Mama Kat and my relationship to Jake is that I am the mother to his first son. I was at one point considered Brad's friend but seeing as he blocked me on Facebook (For no other reason than butt-hurtness) I guess we aren't Bros anymore. (Oh yeah, I also stole the girl he "loves".) I am also Rayn's girlfriend and maid of honor. (I was asked to clarify that they aren't engaged. I just will forever be her maid of honor no matter who she marries.)

So to say that I'm a little involved in the situation and a little biased is probably an accurate statement.

But let me reiterate that I have tried to see both sides of the situation and I do have a strong opinion on both.

Brad is correct. He did have feelings for Rayn. From my understanding they were real and deep. But it wasn't reciprocated. That had nothing to do with Jake. It just wasn't mutual and unfortunately that didn't seem to be understood at the time. This I can slightly understand why he was upset.

When Rayn and I started dating I made it clear she had to put a huge foot down and tell Brad so that he understood there was no way in hell that they would be together. She did this and Brad said he was hurt but got over it. The moment she told him Jake was now involved he threw a panty fit that his "brother" found happiness. He fired Jake because he was so butt-hurt and couldn't stand the fact that he REALLY couldn't have Rayn now.

Jake didn't steal anyone. She wasn't interested. Why is that so hard to understand? So no. I don't have any of this "blah blah blame Jake blah blah he stole her blah blah" talk. That is completely irritating.

Thank God they haven't talked. I really don't see the reason Jake should have to talk to a child about grown up issues. Clearly he can't handle them.

I have no comment on Jake's past relationships. The fact it was brought up is completely and utterly uncalled for is so mind blowing that I can't even begin to comprehend why it crossed his mind.

BUT I WILL ADDRESS THE 17 YEAR OLD ISSUE HE STATED. Yeah I know who this was directly addressed towards. She kept hitting on Jake. I saw the messages. Brad even admits to seeing them to. When I confronted him about seeing the messages he immediately became quiet saying Maybe jake intended to be with her. No. He told her to stop messaging him. And then the topic was immediately dropped. I am the youngest person jake has been with since he was 18. And he carded me! He doesn't want to go to jail. He isn't like that.

It's funny that he says he bangs so many woman... hahaha... Jake you're cute. But I know you aren't that trashy. I could easily chop these thoughts and comments he's making to Brad's past issues but that isn't my type of personality. I guess that's the difference between a 21 year old woman and a 33 year old child.

Jake is an amazing actor. Anyone who thinks that he has serious issues is such a fool. Brad if he fooled you then he deserves to be hired back. Quite frankly you're nothing but a foolish child. Even if the truth was he was bonkers how slimy is it to say it out to the whole world? I'm so disappointed in what was said. I don't bring up YOUR issues brad. It wouldn't be right.

I'm a little biased when it comes to people lying about others that I care about. So to say I'm aggressive is true. I don't handle lying well. And the whole statement he made is so "slighted" towards him that it makes me sick. Maybe he should list true facts the way that it happened.

Rayn was interested.

Brad was interested.

Rayn wasn't interested.

Brad still was.

Rayn was interested towards me and Jake.

Brad didn't get it.

Brad finally got it.

Rayn apologized he wasn't the right fit.

Jake got fired.



I am completely and utterly prepared to hear people trash me. And trash the situation. Go ahead. But I have only spoke the truth.
For the record I have been banned from two sites after respectfully answering questions about what happened. Brad has "cleared" things up he's wrote in messages I've gotten. I found this thread from three different people. Brad referenced it. Rayn did. Jake did. Found some on my own.
I am biased. But I hate people being Persuaded without all the facts.
Yes brad has a right to be upset. But he has no rights to lie.
Frankly brad is the one who asked noone to say anything. And jake agreed. Jake hasn't broken his silence."

Apparently the place she posted it on locked the thread.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Real Reason Behind Jake Norvell Leaving Team Snob

Well apparently Brad Jones has come clean about what happened between him and Jake, take a read of his post below:

"I was told people were wondering what happened with me and Jake, and I consider myself to be very honest, so here's what happened. For the better part of a year, I had an on again, off again thing going on with a girl named Rayn, who was from Michigan. She had come down to Springfield to visit me, and I had gone to Michigan to visit her. For a while, things were absolutely fantastic, and she ended up moving to Springfield, which is why she started showing up in a few videos. Honestly, things were pretty great. It kinda cooled off a bit, but within the past few months, it seemed like it was getting great again. We were very romantic with eachother, we went out of state, we started brainstorming new projects, and words from her were used like "maybe for once I could settle down" and "we're going to have a great adult date, I'm even going to get my dad to watch my son so we can have amazing alone time."

Then I made the unfortunate mistake of introducing her to Jake. A man who thinks with his dick so much, that's probably what was doing most of the taking in his reviews. He knew the whole story about us, he knew I was planning on asking her to move in with me, he knew every single piece of our history, because I told him about it at the last convention we went to. That was all we talked about on the ride back. But banging about 10 different women, and going after 17 year olds wasn't enough for him, so he moved in like a snake, and made sure that he was always at her place every day, conveniently always needing a ride somewhere, and then borrowing my car to apparently go over there himself. All while telling other people in the group that there was no way I'd fire him because I would lose all of my revenue. (in reality Jake videos only made up 5% of my income). His replacement gets better hits than he does.

This is a guy who stood up with me at my wedding, this is a guy who I considered a brother for well over a decade. This is a dude who I was always there for when he went on a 2 year terror, because a friend started dating his ex several months after the relationship ended. And then he goes and does something worse for literally no reason other than he could. And to his credit, it worked. He's a sociopath and a pathological liar, with a history of anger issues and schizophrenia, so yeah, he can actually be pretty damn charming. I was told about the Rayn and Jake thing by her at a convention when I asked if she wanted to move in with me. She said she couldn't be with me unless she could also be with Jake too, because now she loves us both. So, naturally, I had a bit of a problem with that lol. And the ride home from Indianapolis was very awkward to say the least. Especially when she said "you're being selfish, I want a communal family where I have tons of kids all from different fathers." Suddenly I was questioning my feelings for this girl =)

So, I broke it off, and completely cut ties with Jake. I haven't talked to him since, and I have no plans to talk to him or work with him again. The term "dead to me" may be overused, but it serves a purpose sometimes. Everyone else in the group just ignores him, and I don't hear anything from him, except for the occasional text from Rayn asking how my day is. Honestly, that was a horrible horrible thing to go through, especially when it involves not one, but two people I loved and unfortunately trusted, and had to cut ties with. I'm still dealing with it, and it's been incredibly hard, and I don't wish it on anyone. It's one of those things though that I'm glad it happened at 33 and not 23, because 23 year old Brad would probably still be in a bar and shitfaced. I haven't drank at all since it happened, but I have smoked more cigarettes.

On the plus side, Jake could probably make a living as an author, because his version of it is a fantastic piece of fiction, which he tried spewing out to anyone that would believe him (and no one did, because it's the story of a crazy person). Essentially his version is "whaaat, I didn't know anything." Even if I hadn't told him about me and Rayn, and even if she was downplaying things to him to make him feel better; he still saw us kissing, he saw us holding hands, and he was at a convention where she and I shared the same hotel room and bed together. Moral of the story is, if you love someone dearly, never ever introduce them to Jake Norvell. Or whatever this thing is that used to be Jake Norvell."

Well if you made it through that then you know know that it was all over a girl, one girl in fact, Ryan. I think it goes without saying that Brad really does have trust issues with people, seeing that he keeps losing all of his female partners. Also we still have to hear from Jake about this matter, seeing how all of this information is one sided. And what is up with Ryan and her wanting both of them, that stuff is just whack, I wouldn't touch that with a fifty foot pole.

Also in other news apparently Ryan isn't too happy about Brad's outcomings, mainly because none of them were meant to speak publicly on the matter.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Exorcist II: The Heretic

As usual with his latest trend, he picked a very popular franchise to make a video on. I was surprised that he didn't even mention the re-make of the original, which is probably the only reason he's doing this movie. But then again, he is still in damage control mode over recent developments on the site so naturally he isn't going to state he's doing it for the clicks. That and apparently it falls under "what the fuck hollywood" so he can pander to those retards.

As usual he repeats the information from wikipedia like some robot, it comes off as forced and not natural. And it doesn't help that throughout the entire video he makes shitty joke after shitty joke, it's just as sad as Nostalgia Critic's (Brad even rips off his jokes) review of the movie. But then again, at least he tried to give a fair assessment of the movie instead of trying to rip off mystery science theater and failing. I mean seriously, he makes a joke literally every two seconds without giving the movie or the viewer any breathing time. He bombards the viewer instead of letting them take a breather, it's the most obnoxious and pretentious running commentary ever.

Now let's get to the little criticism of the movie he gave. Brad says the movie is ambitious but never says how, how is anyone meant to take him seriously when he can't even back up his facts. The same goes for all his ramblings in the video, at one point he says the editing is strange because in one scene it shows an airplane even though it's the priest character coming back from Africa. This shows that he didn't even pay any attention to the movie, he is fascinated with the age of Linda Blair and it comes off very creepy and remember he watches porn for a living so he's probably jacking off in some corner of his house like the sad little man he is.

Anyway if you want a real opinion on the movie check out cinemassacre's review of the movie, don't stick with Brad's terrible comedic attempts.

Check out what little comments there are:

So what, though at least Doug is more intelligent than Bad.

Exactly, and go watch his video. It's much better.

Wow, a very fair assessment of the movie. Shame Brad can't even try and attempt this.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Jungle Holocaust

A jungle movie, these movies are just tedious and Brad's unfunny jokes that fall flat on their face just make it worse. The approach he takes to every single video is so generic, repeating wikipedia information is a sign that he doesn't even give a shit. Heck, he even shows said page in his video. And I don't know why everybody is always singing praises about every video he puts up, do they even have an opinion outside of blindly following a bald man child on the internet. I mean the jokes and humour in this video are shit, reaching levels of those terrible rifftrax commentaries. But what can I do, it seems fanboyism rules the day in the comments section as usual and it's just sad. Anyway, the video's mediocre and don't bother watching it, get an opinion from a professional instead of some wannabe comedian.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pop Quiz Hotshot – Pilot Episode

This has been a long time coming and we knew it would be bad, but not this bad. I mean, oh my god it's got the worst running commentary ever, it's like actually watching those shitty programmes. And it's all hosted by the bald bastard himself, Brad Jones. His jokes are just so unfunny, the only thing that would make this worse would be an actual comedy track which would be the saddest thing ever.

The entire set looks like something from a Nickelodeon parody porno, I mean how little did they actually spend on this? And what makes it even more unwatchable is everyone's acting, it's so bad and it just shows how terrible they actually are. Heck, they even left in Brad flubbing up on of his lines. Though weirdly they used the intro where brad had hair, remember that he's bald now and looks like a cancer patient. Seriously, just look at him.

Now I'll get to the set, the set and backgrounds are reused styrofoam and that's just laughable. Apparently they were using a shotgun mic instead of regular mike, not that any of them are smart enough to notice. With that aside, the jokes are terrible and bizarrely enough there are some terrorism jokes. Because that's what a game show needs, but if you think that's bad the editing is also terrible. It was like some epileptic retard was filming the whole thing, reminds me of another thing TGWTG did. Apparently Brad thought that the shows sign was sent in by a fan, and when he didn't want to tell a joke after each question everyone said that it was because he wasn't funny enough. Ouch, though the truth does hurt.

The biggest crime is not that this was made, but that they took so long to make it and they squandered the money. People should really do something like that.


Because they had to do something with that Patreon 

Painful indeed.

These guys always delete anything they don't like, they just have an overblown ego and god complex.
Kinda like a regular Cinema Snob episode then.
It would be better if he did shoot himself, it would save me from watching his video's.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

More Information on Jake Leaving Team Snob

Well it seems that the rift between Jake and Brad may have have happened because of a new show that Brad's girlfriend was planning to make. Brad was producing and starring in it with Ryan and Jake, but apparently something happened behind the scenes which resulted in Jake getting fired.

Just look at how Brad himself put it: "He's not coming back. Deal with it." Check out the image below if you don't believe me.

This leads you to believe that what happened between them must have been serious, even by looking at his Patreon account you'd know that something is up because it was so sudden. This is the only official comment that has been made as Brad has forbid anyone from talking about Jake, both on the site and off. Heck, Brad's even been going full Spoony mode deleting tweets left and right. That and he's been so salty recently, mostly because people have been asking about Jake. They want him back, lot's of people want him back.

I'll list some rumors that people think may have happened to Jake

  • He beat up some black kid and is going/went to Jail, there's a media blackout until the trial
  • Jake and Brad had a falling out over Ryan's new show, Jake was more involved than Brad and maybe he got Jealous. Or caught them doing the hunka chunka. And apparently she had broken ribs, maybe this is fallout from that event. Also Brad and Ryan are not together anymore, and this puts more fuel to the fire.
  • Legal Trouble
  • His job is keeping him from doing video's for Brad
  • Problems with how the Patreon money should be spent

Brad stated in his Patreon message that he'll be removing Jake from all the current shows and that he'll be edited out of Shot on Shitteo. This is just a low blow, also notice how he only told people on his Patreon account that Jake would be leaving. Shouldn't he have put this on the site, that's a more appropriate place. But I'm guessing Brad wants to keep this under wraps so he can't protect his persona. Also notice how this is the third person with J in their name that Brad has forced from the site, Jerrid, Jillian and now Jake. Man, Brad must have some problems...

A friend of Jake's apparently said he was fired.

Ryan's facebook post. Notice where she said Brad said to say nothing about Jake's circumstance.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Miami Connection

Well this isn't something I'd think he'd review, I mean didn't he give up reviewing stuff like this ages ago. But then again when has Snob in recent years even been consistent with his ever changing series of video's, probably because he's trying to find new demographics to increase his viewer base. But let's get to the actual video, and remember these aren't review because it's a pure TGWTG style video with no criticism whatsoever. Reminds me of another reviewer on the site. His jokes in the video range from what the hell was he thinking to he put no effort into any of them. I'll list a couple of them below:

  • Location card jokes (Riveting)
  • Thinking that the actors actually killed people (Was that meant to be funny?)
  • Says the band is pretty shitty (If he thinks the songs are shit then he has very bad taste in music, and those songs were nostalgic and catchy)
  • Making crude sexual movements (I didn't want to see him thrusting)
  • Makes handicapped car spot joke (Yeah we all know Brad is the real handicapped one here)

Now let's get to all the plagiarism he did in the video, he basically repeats the production segment off the wikipedia page at the beginning of the video. Then at the end of the video he repeated the release segment from the wikipedia page, not even Nostalgia Critic would go this low. This clearly shows Brad Jones inability to actually write his own dialog, without it sounding forced and bad. Though the sketch with Film Brain at the end was actually pretty funny, mainly because he made fun of bad. Showing that the truth really does hurt, though originally his lines of dialog weren't even in the video because he forgot to include them. But it's fixed now, and that right there shows how much of a failure he is at editing.

Check out some comments:

Sounds like someone didn't like Jake leaving, me included.

Nope, he was honest. I doubt anyone would want anything Brad would write.

So no better than Jillian's then, amirite Brad? I know you read this blog.

Yeah me too...but apparently he left for good.

Is this a thing now, where he keeps making editing errors. Or is he just plain stupid.

Yeah Brad is going full Spoony on his site, he deletes most stuff Jake related.