Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Top 10 Cinema Snob Moments of 2014

Brad, noticing his receding hairline
The bald bastard does it again, no, not Lex Luther but Brad Jones. This video is terrible and it's for one reason outside of the stupid choices, it's because it's a god damn clip show. It's like watching a terrible Star Gate episode, or a Star Trek episode for that matter. He should have just put the list in the video description to save us from actually watching this crap, I mean seriously this video only serves to showcase all the shit he thinks that made the show what it is even though it's the complete opposite. Though he did say he'll do Italian horror films next year but that's next year, he should have done a variety this year instead of doing what's popular. He's gone so far from his roots and I guess the receding hairline shows this, anyway let's see what stupid comments we can find.

It better be!

Probably because it's not the first time for Brad...

If you find that guy funny then you've got no sense of humor.

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