Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Team Snob Is Now on Patreon!

Well I knew he would do it sooner or later as he probably noticed how everybody else but him were jumping on the bandwagon earning thousands of dollars plus what ad revenue they get. Must be nice being a free loader while good honest people have to actually work for a living, what's wrong Brad is flipping burger's too taxing for you? I'm pretty sure if you looked up the word faggot and Jew you would find a picture of Brad Jones.

Creating a Patreon in the month of December is kinda odd, mainly because recently they were selling that stupid oil painting and it's Christmas time, did Brad think that people will donate more since it's the holidays? But we all really know he's just using this money to help pay for his living expenses, as of 23/12/2014 he is getting 2000 dollars which is Linkara levels. Maybe that's why he was circle jerking in the comments section, also notice how Brad said that most of the money will go towards the other members of Team Snob even though he's probably just paying for their cinema tickets and pocketing the rest for himself. But anyway, what do you, the avid readers think he's using the money for? Probably a fleshlight if you ask me, after all Jillian did leave him...oops.

Let's see what colorful comments were posted:

That's probably the real reason he needs the money.

I see the fanboys are active as usual.
Yes, Brad is equal to George Lucas, except George Lucas isn't a pedophile.
The donations are used to feed his fat face, what do you think he uses it for?
Right from the mouth of Team Snob themselves.

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