Thursday, 27 November 2014

Turkish First Blood

Well at least it's not another popular movie, it's about time he got back to doing these old movies. And at least he attempted to make this video funny, it's way better than last weeks video but still average, but at least it did have some good laughs. I'll keep this short since there's not much really to say, because it really doesn't rub you the wrong way and it basically harmless. He does his best to make a good video but it's probably the content that he's doing a video on that makes the video average, though if he took the time to actually watch his video's I'm sure he could edit the video down a bit and make the pacing better. Because he does run the Kalkavan Video and the Ed Glaser jokes out and he really should have thought it out a bit more, I mean it's not like he does anything else other than dedicating himself to the whole Snob thing and the website. That's pretty sad once you think about it, anyway enough talking and watch the video and make up your own mind.

Oh, go screw yourself. This better not become the meme for the site's hive mind.

I understood that reference.

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