Saturday, 22 November 2014

Midnight Screenings: "Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas"

They are really making a big deal about this movie, they compare the movie to being like a David Lynch Movie. I never knew they were so concerned about the whole war on Christmas, they are acting like they are experts on the whole thing. They make a big point about the "Black guy" in the movie, and they mimic what they call the stereotypical dialog which he speaks. Which is pretty funny to listen to but it's the angle at which they are getting at, which is that the movie is "typical" Christian Christmas movie and that it's "exploiting" black people. You can just make your own comment about that.

They then talks about a conspiracy theorist in the movie and they make a fox news jibe, because democrats. They really rant a lot about this movie, they yap on and on and it's just so annoying. They're probably execrating the movie and trying to niche the shit out of it because the really want it to become the next "the room", and they talk about a wave of religious movies coming every couple of months. Is this gonna because a new thing, hating on religious movie's because their atheists. Whatever, they're just a bunch of pretentious pricks anyway.


  1. Yeah it just makes em look stupid thinkings its cool to insult christians or Christ.
    For their sakes I hope they open their eyes and see the world is bigger than reviewing movies before their soul is lost.

    1. The worst part is Kirk Cameron is just a money making pseudo-christian. If Brad talked to me or any other rational, real x-tian, he'd get a much different view. I'm sure he'd just result to pandering jokes or ad-hominem though :( usually how it goes.

  2. 2015 was the year Brad went full atheist. It's definitely not a good look for him.