Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Right back into the clickster video's, well it's not like he said he would stop it. And it's the anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street so what's slob gonna review, no not a parody or a rip off but the original. Why does he even bother doing a video on this when he brings nothing new to the table? Probably so he could just cross the movie off his list, and we don't even get his actual opinion on the film, we just get his snarky attitude making fun of what people said about the movie back when it was released. 

And you know he's an idiot when he starts defending the remake, he said " For the first time in 20 years I was actually scared of Freddy". That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard Brad say, that just says something about his taste in movies. Heck, he'd probably say that Fortress 2 is better than the Godfather, even though it is. But anyway it's a mediocre video at best with nothing interesting said or shown other than the movie itself which is basically more entertaining than the actual "review" itself.

Let's have a look at the comments:

Why is Linkara here, he probably roams around his friends sites while not ranting about the Irate Gamer.
What a  idiot.
Exactly do a video on stuff like this, it would be hilarious. But I guess I'll have to go to NDTV for that one.


  1. Nightmare remake is the worst Platinum Dunes Remake ever. And I say that because I at least somewhat like the two Texas Chainsaw Remake movies and that Friday the 13th movie. And am ok with The Hitcher remake.

  2. nobody cares about these man just do the midnight screenings!

    Its getting really sick now, people who are seni-retarded talking about religious movies... THEY DONT KNOW SHIT yet act like they can judge:
    - Christianity
    - Christian lore
    - Christ
    - Christian movies

    In order to do that dont you agree you should know at least a bit about the christian lore?!?!
    These assholes are going to hell for sure

    1. I know, I watched a bit of that Christmas movie he went to see, both of them act like they're so knowledgeable on the matter even though they are just running there mouths because they don't know shit. Really it's probably been ages since they've even stepped into a church, and did you see the other guys reaction why Brad said the guy in the move looked like a "atheist dushbag".

    2. Oh my reply is below something went wrong sorry

  3. also gotta love how they go CRAZY when someone in their theather is using a phone but when they do it (and they do it often according to their own stories) its all good. Does this guy think he is some kind of huge celeb who can do anything he wants without people saying what an asshole he is?

    No Im still blocked on their site im watching from blip now so unfortunately I cant see the comments there. Good thing people are noticing their bullshit more and more though nice!

  4. The fuck that sarah chick must have no life O_o

    She has read the hunger games books... saw all the films
    and she wants to listen to the audiobooks for some reason?!?!

    Isnt this a kids story?!?! A dumb teen book made into a film??? And she is obsessed with this crap at her age? THE FUCK?!

  5. I don't comment on his videos as much as a did a few years ago. I figure it's futile to argue or make inflammatory statements when you know where Brad or his hardcore fans stand on things. I don't have anything against him, so I don't see the point in being insulting. But he really came unhinged over the stance most of the viewers had on the remake. I commented under my first name about the reasons I didn't like it (including the fact that Jackie Earl Haley was awful in that role). He was already pissy about the whole thing. When some more people agreed with what I said, he made this nasty post about how Freddy Krueger's character was established and it was bullshit to have him be sympathetic. This was in lieu of several excellent points made to the contrary. I apologized, but it really irritated me to no end.

    I've been watching his videos since early 2008. He always plays himself off as a parody of pretentious film critics. But in reality, he was the exploitation version of AVGN for the first few years. That's not a bad thing, considering he was actually funnier than James Rolfe and all of the people at Channel Awesome combined. I also enjoyed his other stuff, like Kung Tai Ted, Bruno Mattei Show, 80s Dan, etc. But since 2011, he's drifted more and more towards getting hits from these movie screenings and the Cinema Snob (and lest we forget, the Reviewers). The screenings were entertaining until they had the rift with Jerrid, who's naivete schtick made for a lot of laughs. Now he's virtually non-existent, as are many of the other members of his "troupe" or whatever you want to call them. It just seems like Brad's either bored with it or is scared to move on to something else because he's wary of losing his income. Hopefully he'll get some of that enterprising spirit back and maybe produce some newer material that hearkens back to when he was some dork hanging out in a basement.

    1. Well said man, I know where your coming from because I feel the same way. I'd just wish he'd be his old self again instead of doing what keeps the money flowing.

    2. You should know by now when you've seen it at angryjoe, spoony, brad and many others: Once you sell your soul to the devil you lose all creativity and become a shell of your former self.