Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Bros: Bloppers

Bloopers...really, you know I expect this kind of shit from terrible comedies but not from something like this. You'd think that they knew how unfunny this would be, but no they stuck it up on the site anyway because all the fan boys will cherish it just like how they cherish they're idol shrines.

Anyway it's basically them two acting out their stupid skit and failing miserably, like real amateurs they keep flubbing their lines and start laughing because reasons. Though there is a really weird bit in the video where they are hugging and after that Jake forces Brad's head down to his crotch area, he does this multiple times and one would wonder if they do this in real life. I'm taking that as a yes because it's not the first time they've had gay tendencies on the show, maybe that's why Brad is so defensive about gay people since he's one of them. That would answer a lot of questions.

He wishes he was a porn director because we all know that the only thing he gets is the shit off the end of Brad's you know what. You see even Brad is laughing at him, even though it's his turn next. And by the way, what's with all the sexual tension between the cast on the Cinema Snob, it's weird because even the fanbase is like that too. Or do I have to remind you of the time people wanted Jillian to be gang banged by every incarnation of Batman? If you think that's weird get a load of this comment:

Now that's some messed up shit
That's highly likely
Even the Irate Gamer made an appearance, and he's right about that

Anyway it's getting weird over at the Cinema Snob, and let's wait and see what he decides to do a video on next, besides seeing every movie that's out in the Cinema that is.

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  1. these guys get more faggy by the week, one recent midnight screening brad even goes crazy over ben afflecks cock like he wants to suck it 24/7