Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Bloody Video Horror That Made Me Puke on My Aunt Gertrude

Ah, it's about time he got back to shot on shitteo, too bad the video is just mediocre. And it's only like that because of the funny clips that he shows and nothing that he says, because as usual he's a bloody idiot who prefers to keep repeating the same formula over and over again. This is what's killing TGWTG fanbase, they don't know how to please their fanbase outside of the fan boys.

And did you notice how he's bald again, remember last year where he did the same thing, it's probably because since he's getting older and he's losing hair, he still looks like an idiot. In the video he tried to make a joke about it but it was dragged out way too long and wasn't funny. He also references his old video's since he reviewed a film kinda like this before, he doesn't like the way he did his video's previously probably because they were actually funny. No, seriously go watch his early video's and then watch his new video's and you'll see the difference.

The bald bastard himself
And in the movie killers name was Hassan, sounds very middle eastern to me. And Brad didn't even make any jokes about it, I'm not talking about racist jokes or anything I just mean is it hard for him to make a Islamic State joke. You know poking fun at stuff in real life and he could have taken a jab at fox news at the same time, I'm practically writing these jokes for him. I'm too lazy to write any more so I'll end it here.

What's the down low on the video: It's got some laughs but it's the clips from the movie and not Brad Jones comedic talent. Anyway onto the comments:

Probably shaved it again because of his receding hair line
Hopefully it is Ebola
Jesus Christ, nobody mention that bald bastard, man is that guy annoying, I would make a blog about how he sucks but I don't have the time nor the energy
Uhm, so that's why he's bald, ...good

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  1. if this guy has or gets cancer he really is the dumbest motherfucker in the world

    I told him the GMO shit he brags about eating would making him seriously ill.... Thats what you get from eating plastics and poison people!