Thursday, 2 October 2014

Can't Stop the Music

A musical based on the YMCA, as usual he picks the the more well know stuff instead of the obscure movies. It's also a movie that has a bad reputation and as such the Cinema Snob rides the wave of the common opinion, it's sad to see him do this instead of giving his actual opinion. This video is almost half an hour which is far too long, he should try condensing his words instead of acting like an idiot. I guess that's just his way of saying thanks for the $$. I don't even think he cares anymore because all the jokes fall flat on there face and just aren't funny, you'd have to force yourself to laugh and that's just sad because that's what all his circle jerking fans do. Pathetic.

During the video he cuts away to him and Jake pretending to be gay hating dudes who say stupid shit that no one would say in real life. Let's analyze this for a little bit, he's obviously only inserting these scenes to make fun of those positing comments on the site who didn't like him doing video's on gay porno's. As it seems Brad Jones has taken offense to these comments since he has become ever more outspoken about gay people in general, remember he is a liberal after all. He was also a supporter of Obama and a is democrat and this isn't the first time he's voiced his opinion in support of gay rights.

Notice how Brad is wearing a Irate Gamer T-Shirt, it he secretly a fan boy or does he harbor ill feelings

Even by the end of the video he makes no mention of any of the actors singing talents, if there is one thing that must be criticized in a musical it's their singing talent. This is probably dude to him just plagiarizing what other reviewers have said and the Wikipedia page, and you wonder why people call him unprofessional. He is also really obsessed with the actor Bruce Jenner, he's constantly mentioning him by his name and not by his characters name, he also makes stupid references to movies that the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed because he's probably obligated to do so since he does shine Doug Walker's shoes once in a while. And he didn't even sing probably because he would sound like a broken record, oh wait he's probably too ashamed to sing because he's so bad at it. Anyway onto the comments:

And by that he means that Brad and Jake clean each others clocks, what were you thinking?
Even Rick Perry is weighing in on the matter

And thank god that the musical month is over, but we all know a bigger shit storm is coming.

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