Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween II

Another popular slasher movie in Halloween, who would have guessed. Probably trying to cash in on the Halloween season, what's next him doing more themed video's to cash in on the season like every other TGWTG contributer. Oh wait. All he does is just joke his way through the entire thin and he constantly keeps saying "but it's okay when this movie does it". And he drags that stupid Ben Tramer joke out throughout the entire video, like it's the cornerstone of his criticism. Anyway, the video is alright and doesn't bring anything new to the table, if you want someone who actually knows what he's talking about, check out James Rolfe's review over at cinemassacre.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Midnight Screenings: "Fury," "The Best of Me" and "The Book of Life"

I wasn't really thinking about covering these video's since I mostly cover the primary stuff on the Cinema Snob but I'll take a crack at it for the time being. Because what you see in these video's in their true personalities shining through, and I intend to expose it. I'll post my thoughts about each video under different headings as to make it easier to read.

Fury with Ryan and Brad

This video was mildly annoying as Brad kept interrupting Ryan when he was talking about WW2 stuff, this is both rude and disrespectful as he was actually adding to the conversation unlike Brad, who was just saying random stuff like this movies awesome and the like. Though at least they talked about the movie unlike most of the time where Brad talks about random shit because that's supposed to be funny. It was nice to see Ryan again but since he is actually going places where Brad is just wallowing in his own puke.

The Best of Me with Brian and Dave

As usual Brian and Dave are just great to listen to, they are both funny and have great chemistry. They hit all the right points that a midnight screening / vlog should be, they are both funny and are genuinely interesting to listen to. I recommend you check out the video's with them.

The Book of Life with Jake and Brad

For me this video was just annoying, just like every children's movie they go to see. The tools on the Cinema Snob think it's "hilarious" to see two grown men jack off to children's movie's in the Cinema. Oh, I mean rant about children's movie's, though I'm pretty sure that's what they do because they can't honestly be paying attention to that kinda stuff. Not unless they're retarded. Back the their video, they basically rant they're way through the entire thing, and the weird thing is that seem to care about what each other think about it. Whatever, all you need to know it that the video sucked and they didn't attempt to make the video watchable.

Let's take a look at the comments section:

And this all started just because I said Brad should stop interrupting Ryan when he talks, and Brad responds by posting as my brother Pearse and posting his phone number. And as usual Brad takes the ISP approach because he's a coward who can't face the facts.

Though it was nice to see the WW2 enthusiasts chat amongst themselves in the comments section, though the sudden appearance of fanboy LloydFan ruined one guy's post. All the other comments aren't really worth posting so I'll end it here, I'll probably do the other midnight screening's since it's more effort than what Brad does.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Fun in Balloon Land

Seriously another what the fuck Hollywood, this is getting old and it really shows when he constantly dragging out the footage while he's talking over it. This video is 18 minutes long while the actual movie is 53 minutes long, he really needs to stop doing mediocre video's like these if he wants to stay afloat. Though with all the circle jerking going on we know he'll find a way. Basically the video is plain boring, you have some bald child molester talking over clips of a terrible children's movie, what else needs to be said. Though the only reason he covered this movie was too beat RiffTrax to the punch because they are planning to release a commentary for the film, Brad probably saw this as an opportunity to steal their thunder. That's the only reason he did this movie, utterly pathetic.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Bloody Video Horror That Made Me Puke on My Aunt Gertrude

Ah, it's about time he got back to shot on shitteo, too bad the video is just mediocre. And it's only like that because of the funny clips that he shows and nothing that he says, because as usual he's a bloody idiot who prefers to keep repeating the same formula over and over again. This is what's killing TGWTG fanbase, they don't know how to please their fanbase outside of the fan boys.

And did you notice how he's bald again, remember last year where he did the same thing, it's probably because since he's getting older and he's losing hair, he still looks like an idiot. In the video he tried to make a joke about it but it was dragged out way too long and wasn't funny. He also references his old video's since he reviewed a film kinda like this before, he doesn't like the way he did his video's previously probably because they were actually funny. No, seriously go watch his early video's and then watch his new video's and you'll see the difference.

The bald bastard himself
And in the movie killers name was Hassan, sounds very middle eastern to me. And Brad didn't even make any jokes about it, I'm not talking about racist jokes or anything I just mean is it hard for him to make a Islamic State joke. You know poking fun at stuff in real life and he could have taken a jab at fox news at the same time, I'm practically writing these jokes for him. I'm too lazy to write any more so I'll end it here.

What's the down low on the video: It's got some laughs but it's the clips from the movie and not Brad Jones comedic talent. Anyway onto the comments:

Probably shaved it again because of his receding hair line
Hopefully it is Ebola
Jesus Christ, nobody mention that bald bastard, man is that guy annoying, I would make a blog about how he sucks but I don't have the time nor the energy
Uhm, so that's why he's bald, ...good

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Bros: Bloppers

Bloopers...really, you know I expect this kind of shit from terrible comedies but not from something like this. You'd think that they knew how unfunny this would be, but no they stuck it up on the site anyway because all the fan boys will cherish it just like how they cherish they're idol shrines.

Anyway it's basically them two acting out their stupid skit and failing miserably, like real amateurs they keep flubbing their lines and start laughing because reasons. Though there is a really weird bit in the video where they are hugging and after that Jake forces Brad's head down to his crotch area, he does this multiple times and one would wonder if they do this in real life. I'm taking that as a yes because it's not the first time they've had gay tendencies on the show, maybe that's why Brad is so defensive about gay people since he's one of them. That would answer a lot of questions.

He wishes he was a porn director because we all know that the only thing he gets is the shit off the end of Brad's you know what. You see even Brad is laughing at him, even though it's his turn next. And by the way, what's with all the sexual tension between the cast on the Cinema Snob, it's weird because even the fanbase is like that too. Or do I have to remind you of the time people wanted Jillian to be gang banged by every incarnation of Batman? If you think that's weird get a load of this comment:

Now that's some messed up shit
That's highly likely
Even the Irate Gamer made an appearance, and he's right about that

Anyway it's getting weird over at the Cinema Snob, and let's wait and see what he decides to do a video on next, besides seeing every movie that's out in the Cinema that is.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Can't Stop the Music

A musical based on the YMCA, as usual he picks the the more well know stuff instead of the obscure movies. It's also a movie that has a bad reputation and as such the Cinema Snob rides the wave of the common opinion, it's sad to see him do this instead of giving his actual opinion. This video is almost half an hour which is far too long, he should try condensing his words instead of acting like an idiot. I guess that's just his way of saying thanks for the $$. I don't even think he cares anymore because all the jokes fall flat on there face and just aren't funny, you'd have to force yourself to laugh and that's just sad because that's what all his circle jerking fans do. Pathetic.

During the video he cuts away to him and Jake pretending to be gay hating dudes who say stupid shit that no one would say in real life. Let's analyze this for a little bit, he's obviously only inserting these scenes to make fun of those positing comments on the site who didn't like him doing video's on gay porno's. As it seems Brad Jones has taken offense to these comments since he has become ever more outspoken about gay people in general, remember he is a liberal after all. He was also a supporter of Obama and a is democrat and this isn't the first time he's voiced his opinion in support of gay rights.

Notice how Brad is wearing a Irate Gamer T-Shirt, it he secretly a fan boy or does he harbor ill feelings

Even by the end of the video he makes no mention of any of the actors singing talents, if there is one thing that must be criticized in a musical it's their singing talent. This is probably dude to him just plagiarizing what other reviewers have said and the Wikipedia page, and you wonder why people call him unprofessional. He is also really obsessed with the actor Bruce Jenner, he's constantly mentioning him by his name and not by his characters name, he also makes stupid references to movies that the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed because he's probably obligated to do so since he does shine Doug Walker's shoes once in a while. And he didn't even sing probably because he would sound like a broken record, oh wait he's probably too ashamed to sing because he's so bad at it. Anyway onto the comments:

And by that he means that Brad and Jake clean each others clocks, what were you thinking?
Even Rick Perry is weighing in on the matter

And thank god that the musical month is over, but we all know a bigger shit storm is coming.