Friday, 19 September 2014

The Apple

Another musical video, another shitty video. Anyone else seeing this pattern because it's stretching what he's meant to review. I mean what the hell is he meant to be criticizing in this movie because all he does is make really lame jokes thinking he's Linkara (who said that). He says that the guy with the big hair in the movie is a bad singer and if he thinks he's a bad singer then Brad Jones must have saw only a couple of musicals because it's pretty good. But whatever his fans eat up everything he says and believes it because he's got a cult of personality going on, minus the cool aid. Though what makes this "review" the worst is that he plagiarizes the Wikipedia page for this movie, this isn't the first time he's done this and you can always tell he didn't write it in his script (toilet paper) since it sounds way too professional for him to have wrote it.

In the movie they put stickers on people's head to show loyalty to the music dude and the Cinema Snob missed the golden opportunity to reference Red Dwarf or anything else where people have stickers on their heads. (Orguss anybody)
I'm having to do his jokes for him.
And he constantly mentions the woman who kept saying come over and over because sex joke, we get it but you don't need to keep saying it just for shits and giggles, it just shows how amateurish his writing standards it. He references a couple of his previous video's just to let you know they exist, make sure you watch them to make his e-penis grow and to earn him some more dollars because he needs to eat real food once in a while instead of eating out of trashcans. Haven't you seen him eating out of dumpsters in Springfield
You see it's true, that's totally Brad Jones.
Now go and watch those stupid midnight screenings, though if I wanted a real opinion on movies I would go and ask Wolfgang Spindler of Euronews fame thank you very much.

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  1. It's weird enough that I stumbled cross this blog (who on earth dedicates so much time to hating one guy who isn't even all that relevant?) but it's just so badly written and your arguments are so laughable that this is probably the most entertaining thing I've seen in weeks. Thanks! :p