Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cut-Throats Nine

A Western, he's going more and more from where he started since he's doing video's on non-exploitation movies. But your not here for that, your here to listen to how much Brad Jones aka The Cinema Snob sucks, why else would you be here?

As usual he's only doing a video on this movie because there's a re-make being made and Quentin Tarantino is also making a western called the Hateful Eight. How many times has he done that this year, eight or nine? Anyway onto the actual video, it takes him a minute and a half before he even starts talking about the film because he just likes to plagiarize other peoples articles and hear his own voice, he's egotistic like that. I don't even know why he tries to call them reviews even though all he does is show clips of the movie and make really shitty and unfunny jokes. Like saying that the characters look like other actors, because we all know that's just hilarious even though any old goof ball could say that and you would get the same response. Insert random Red Dead Redemption joke here.

I didn't know Ron Perlman was in this one
 Why does he even bother to do video's when he donesn't bring anything new to the table, he's just copy and pasting the TGWTG formula over and over, that's why his video's suck. But if he actually tried something new, I don't know like actually doing a professional review for once instead of a video made for shits and giggles, then people might actually take them seriously instead of ridiculing him. Whatever, we all know he'll never do that. Bring on the monkeys and what not.

Let's take a look at the comments:

Get it, because Mister X is black...what Cinema Snob can't say the N word, nagger will have to do.
How could he have even liked it when all he did was make a bunch of shitty jokes.
Holy shit, even a member of Beno made an appearance.

Brad Jones deleted this comment, why? Because it was negative, just goes to show you that he deletes comments that portray him in a bad light.
Anyway who gives a shit about western's, if I wanted to see a real western I would have watched Once Upon a Time in China and America.

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