Tuesday, 16 September 2014

At Long Last Love

 A musical, Jesus fucking Christ! Does this guy even do exploitation anymore? And don't forget that it's "what the fuck Hollywood" again because he's trying to make that a thing, and apparently he's dedicating this entire month to musicals because screw what the fans want!

And by the way, does anyone actually know how much people even watch the Cinema Snob's video's anymore? Because his fanbase along with the rest of TGWTG is diminishing every week, it can't be anymore than 25,000 per video at the most since that's what a couple of his week old video's on YouTube are at.
Who actually forces themselves to watch this ass hat? (Bedside me)
Anyway onto the actual video, wait...it's just his grating voice talking his way through the movie in the usual TGWTG style. Seriously I've said this once and I'll say it again because this style of "reviewing" sucks the big one, because making jokes while stating the plot isn't a review it's just fucking pathetic if you want to be taken seriously as a reviewer. I'm half expecting Brad to put out a "let the ad's play" video because remember he's paying for his entire lifestyle with the ad revenue.

I could dissect every part of the video where Brad makes no sense or is just plain stupid but I think you all every know that from watching his other video's. It's sad to see how a once funny "reviewer" has become a shallow faggot that only cares about the money, because he's got his loyal fan boys who'll watch every video of his no matter what it is, it's like he has his very own little cult. Anyway enough of my ramblings onto the comments, oh wait it's full of nothing but people complaining about Blip or licking the Cinema Snobs dick, whatever we all know he sucks now and that's it.

No, not fucking glorious!
Who gives a shit if that neck beard did get married, we all know it was a dude anyway.

Now wasn't this post just peachy?

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