Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shock Treatment

Now this video was very refreshing since it's a musical where he actually liked it, even though the other musical's he did a video one were great in their own right. But enough of that onto this video.

He does the usual introductions and plagiarizes the Wikipedia page as usual, he also made that shitty musical march in September joke which is just sad and pathetic.Though I will say he did a well placed reference to Dario Argento.Though throughout the entire video he's acting like he's one of those internet critics that only reviews niche stuff .And he didn't even include a reference to Paul Bearer since one of the characters in the movie sort of looks like him, and that evil Cliff looks like Peter Fonda. Other than that I liked the video but not because of anything the Cinema Snob did but because the clips and the movie actually seemed good. Just like his Mommy Dearest and Endless Love video's.

Guy from movie (Pictured left) Paul Bearer (Pictured right)

Though he needed a second opinion on the movie so he just played stock footage of Roger Ebert talking about the movie, that's funny because...oh wait it isn't. It's just a stupid reference to his god figure who he would probably blow if he met him in person, oh wait he's dead but that wouldn't stop Brad Jones because he's into Necrophilia. A credible source at the Springfield cemetery told me so. Also get a load of his reaction to the scene where the guy is singing about "faggots", nice to know that Brad Jones is a stinking Liberal.

Anyway let's look at the comments section:

Because he wants everybody to tell him to review it so he can put it off and do the video a year from now
He's not worth six million but he is definitely an asshole.

Your probably thinking to yourself why is there only two comments here, that's because it's mostly "hardcore" cinema snob fanboys posting in the comments section. Anyhow there's only one more musical video to go and Brad Jones better be singing in it because everybody's been asking for it in the comments section, but we all know he won't because his singing voice probably sounds like a dying Giraffe.

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Apple

Another musical video, another shitty video. Anyone else seeing this pattern because it's stretching what he's meant to review. I mean what the hell is he meant to be criticizing in this movie because all he does is make really lame jokes thinking he's Linkara (who said that). He says that the guy with the big hair in the movie is a bad singer and if he thinks he's a bad singer then Brad Jones must have saw only a couple of musicals because it's pretty good. But whatever his fans eat up everything he says and believes it because he's got a cult of personality going on, minus the cool aid. Though what makes this "review" the worst is that he plagiarizes the Wikipedia page for this movie, this isn't the first time he's done this and you can always tell he didn't write it in his script (toilet paper) since it sounds way too professional for him to have wrote it.

In the movie they put stickers on people's head to show loyalty to the music dude and the Cinema Snob missed the golden opportunity to reference Red Dwarf or anything else where people have stickers on their heads. (Orguss anybody)
I'm having to do his jokes for him.
And he constantly mentions the woman who kept saying come over and over because sex joke, we get it but you don't need to keep saying it just for shits and giggles, it just shows how amateurish his writing standards it. He references a couple of his previous video's just to let you know they exist, make sure you watch them to make his e-penis grow and to earn him some more dollars because he needs to eat real food once in a while instead of eating out of trashcans. Haven't you seen him eating out of dumpsters in Springfield
You see it's true, that's totally Brad Jones.
Now go and watch those stupid midnight screenings, though if I wanted a real opinion on movies I would go and ask Wolfgang Spindler of Euronews fame thank you very much.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

At Long Last Love

 A musical, Jesus fucking Christ! Does this guy even do exploitation anymore? And don't forget that it's "what the fuck Hollywood" again because he's trying to make that a thing, and apparently he's dedicating this entire month to musicals because screw what the fans want!

And by the way, does anyone actually know how much people even watch the Cinema Snob's video's anymore? Because his fanbase along with the rest of TGWTG is diminishing every week, it can't be anymore than 25,000 per video at the most since that's what a couple of his week old video's on YouTube are at.
Who actually forces themselves to watch this ass hat? (Bedside me)
Anyway onto the actual video,'s just his grating voice talking his way through the movie in the usual TGWTG style. Seriously I've said this once and I'll say it again because this style of "reviewing" sucks the big one, because making jokes while stating the plot isn't a review it's just fucking pathetic if you want to be taken seriously as a reviewer. I'm half expecting Brad to put out a "let the ad's play" video because remember he's paying for his entire lifestyle with the ad revenue.

I could dissect every part of the video where Brad makes no sense or is just plain stupid but I think you all every know that from watching his other video's. It's sad to see how a once funny "reviewer" has become a shallow faggot that only cares about the money, because he's got his loyal fan boys who'll watch every video of his no matter what it is, it's like he has his very own little cult. Anyway enough of my ramblings onto the comments, oh wait it's full of nothing but people complaining about Blip or licking the Cinema Snobs dick, whatever we all know he sucks now and that's it.

No, not fucking glorious!
Who gives a shit if that neck beard did get married, we all know it was a dude anyway.

Now wasn't this post just peachy?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cut-Throats Nine

A Western, he's going more and more from where he started since he's doing video's on non-exploitation movies. But your not here for that, your here to listen to how much Brad Jones aka The Cinema Snob sucks, why else would you be here?

As usual he's only doing a video on this movie because there's a re-make being made and Quentin Tarantino is also making a western called the Hateful Eight. How many times has he done that this year, eight or nine? Anyway onto the actual video, it takes him a minute and a half before he even starts talking about the film because he just likes to plagiarize other peoples articles and hear his own voice, he's egotistic like that. I don't even know why he tries to call them reviews even though all he does is show clips of the movie and make really shitty and unfunny jokes. Like saying that the characters look like other actors, because we all know that's just hilarious even though any old goof ball could say that and you would get the same response. Insert random Red Dead Redemption joke here.

I didn't know Ron Perlman was in this one
 Why does he even bother to do video's when he donesn't bring anything new to the table, he's just copy and pasting the TGWTG formula over and over, that's why his video's suck. But if he actually tried something new, I don't know like actually doing a professional review for once instead of a video made for shits and giggles, then people might actually take them seriously instead of ridiculing him. Whatever, we all know he'll never do that. Bring on the monkeys and what not.

Let's take a look at the comments:

Get it, because Mister X is black...what Cinema Snob can't say the N word, nagger will have to do.
How could he have even liked it when all he did was make a bunch of shitty jokes.
Holy shit, even a member of Beno made an appearance.

Brad Jones deleted this comment, why? Because it was negative, just goes to show you that he deletes comments that portray him in a bad light.
Anyway who gives a shit about western's, if I wanted to see a real western I would have watched Once Upon a Time in China and America.