Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well it's been a while since the Cinema Snob has put out a good video, even though it's under his "what the fuck Hollywood" video's it's still very funny. That's about it, the only bad thing I could say is that Brad Jones is straying from his roots, he's been reviewing movies that's way out of the genre he used to review. This is the 8th video this year that's under the "what the fuck Hollywood", it's like he's trying to coin a term just like all the others on TGWTG, oh and the Game Chasers. Anyway, it's a funny video so go check it out and check out some of the comments below:
I know, these movies don't deserve the hate they get
Can't you let Brad speak for himself, stop being a bunch of fanboys
See, I'm not the only one who remembers him, to life immortal bitches
A poor excuse Brad, those movies were lame and not up to standard, stop lowering the bar
That's it for this post, hopefully the next video he does if funny too, but don't get your hopes up because for every one good video there's multiple bad ones.


  1. It's so good to see you back in action, Pearse. I've truly missed your angry rants. What's with the extremely long hiatus, though?

    P.S. Brad has unbanned me on his site, even though I didn't even ask him for it, lol. He probably realized his mistake. Let's see how long it'll last. %)

    1. I just got sick and tired of his video's, they were pretty terrible. He has gotten better but that John Wayne review just broke me, since then I never bothered. Anyhow it's my brother who's doing the current posts, see the poster. I kinda don't have the time anymore and can't be bothered, busy with some other stuff. Good to hear you can get back on his site though, Brad doesn't like to admit he's wrong.