Friday, 1 August 2014


Seriously, this shit again, just because he mentioned the sequel in his last video doesn't mean that he has to review it. Brad probably has a hard on for Lou Ferrigno, can't you tell by the way he looks at him and the constant repeating of the Minos clip. At least this time the video has a few funny jokes, but there mostly in the first half of the video and the rest of it is just as unbearable as the other video. From stupid jokes about slime people to the Mothra fairies, this video's got it all, shame the rest of the video is mostly trash.

In the video he pretends to text spoony about appearing as Doctor Insano for a cameo, but when the time comes the Neanderthal known as Film Brain pops up, just look at how ugly and pathetic he is.
You guess which one's film brain because both are just so hideous
For some reason when he appears he brags about banging Cinema Snobs ex girlfriend/boyfriend, though I'm sure he's talking about Jerrid or Jake, and that just begs the question as to why he would even say that. I mean it wasn't funny, just plain weird and stupid. And Brad didn't even say this guy looks like Adrien Brody. Oh and how many times is her gonna use the stupid Minos clip, it's not even funny! What was he thinking?
Come on, you know you want to
Basically this video is a perfect example that the Cinema Snob doesn't know what the hell to do, just look at how many video's he's done this year that are actual exploitation. And no, those gay porn movies he watched doesn't count, all he does is just flood his website with all those god awful midnight screenings which is basically just a bunch of idiots talking out of there ass in a car. Though we'll just see how sad he gets when he inevitably starts a Paetron account, that'll be a new low for him outside of turning tricks in a gas station. Goodbye for now, and remember don't say Candy man in the mirror, or Biggie Smalls for that matter.

Check out what little comments there was that wasn't posted by the Cinema Snob's dickriders.

Because the longer the video is the more money Brad Jones gets
I guess Brad literally took the fat girl to the prom, am I right?

Wow, only two comments that weren't posted by fanboys, seems like that's all that's left on the Cinema Snob. Whatever happened to the voice of reason in the comments section, oh wait he bans anybody who disagrees with him. Though that's why proxy's were invented.

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