Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Driller: A Sexual Thriller

Let's look at the title card first, it has Brad as Micheal Jackson doing the thriller song. Because that's what we want to see, a man child dancing to Micheal Jackson, that's just as sad as his laughable attempt at being a legitimate comedian. Now onto the actual video, it is funny at certain parts but that's only because of what he's showing and not his actual lines of dialog, he's done this numerous times because he can't come up with any funny dialog himself so he just resorts to showing bizarre or funny clips and just stating what's happening. Because in place of actual humor you just insert a clip because it's funnier that anything you'll ever say.

And why doesn't he use his old song "Believe It or Not" you say. That's because they told him to stop using it because he can't legally make money of their copyright but when it comes to Micheal Jackson he can, let's just wait until he gets a message telling him to not use it. Take the scene where he shows the Nixon impersonator doing the Nixon voice, it's only funny because of what he shows and not anything he said, the same thing goes for when he shows Nixon shoving his nose in someone's ass (albeit black boxed). He also says that "it's not the first time someone has asked what's wrong with Micheal Jackson's face" when the guy turns into a werewolf, and that's just a low blow right there, the guys dead and people are still making a mockery of him. I knew Brad had no shame but this is just the low of the low,

The child molester himself
At one point he references that Italian zombie director and why can't be review stuff that he's done, the only thing he does now is stupid porno's (because of the views), biopics (because he's an idiot), and the popular slasher films. At the end of the video he shows one of the characters saying "Oh geese Loise I've lost my keys". Now isn't that just the funniest thing you've heard all day, but I take it Brad Jones mugshot is. Anyway the video was alright but he could have chosen something better to make a video on but as we all know Brad loves his porn (probably why he's still single) and it rakes in all the retards who think they can watch porn for free.

I know, show some respect Brad
Another failed promise
Sums up the Cinema Snobs fanbase correctly

No it's not funny, it's overused and plain stupid
Because he's an idiot
 That's it for this time, tune in for the disgusting time at the fair, next time on the sucks blog.

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