Sunday, 31 August 2014

Devil Times Five

Are we seeing a pattern here, because for every good video the Cinema Snob puts out he makes a dozen bad ones. Considering how many video's he farts out, that's a lot of bad video's. This time he looks at some stupid movie involving killer children, but he tries to make fun of the fact that he had done a video about killer children before, and emphasis on the try because he's just not funny in this video at all. Is this how low he has sunk or does he just not care?
Cartoon Rapist Brad Jones
Anyway this video is just so boring, he talks the biggest load of shit throughout the entire video making a bunch of stupid references to other movies and actors because reasons. He also constantly mentions that one of the children is wearing a bad wig, his milks this joke so much it goes into South Park level's of bad comedy, and when he goes that low you just know how low he has sunk. And that's the first thing he keeps mentioning, the other one is the actor Leif Garrett, who he just keeps yapping on about so he can create another internet meme to warrant his existence. Just don't watch this video unless you want your ears to bleed, or condone molesting, because that's what you do when you watch the Cinema Snob.

I would post some comments but they are mostly people complaining about Blip not working, though there was one comment that pegged my interest. It was a comment by former Team Snob member Jerrid, someone mentioned him and he responded, take a look below:

I wonder how long until this is deleted, doesn't matter because I've screen capped it. The jokes on you if you do Brad Jones.

And does he ever stop with the midnight screening's, does he have to see every fucking movie that comes out, I mean does this guy even have a life outside of being a poser.


  1. lol that jerrid thing is so true, brad also hated it when people said the messiah was the best part of that crappy reviewers thingy theyre trying to set up xd

    1. What makes the matter worse is that both Brad and Jerrid live in the same house and he doesn't breely even appears in the videos anymore.