Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brad Tries The State Fair 2014

Love at first sight
On man was this video nasty, not because of the food they were eating but because of the way they were acting. They were snacking on each others food and drinking out of each others drinks, someone go get the United Nations and teach these people some manners. Even a dog would have better manners, but remember they are "murican" so intellect is as common as an orgy on Capital Hill. And who the hell was the person with the red hair, I expect introductions in my internet video's, thank you very much. And I know they always act like this at a state fair but come on, have they no shame or standards?

Didn't you know Brad already sucked every guys cock on the site, how do you think he pays them
Yes guy, it is really dirty, but they're all local and all
Like he ever replies, he just see's the fanbase as a tool for making money for himself

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