Sunday, 31 August 2014

Devil Times Five

Are we seeing a pattern here, because for every good video the Cinema Snob puts out he makes a dozen bad ones. Considering how many video's he farts out, that's a lot of bad video's. This time he looks at some stupid movie involving killer children, but he tries to make fun of the fact that he had done a video about killer children before, and emphasis on the try because he's just not funny in this video at all. Is this how low he has sunk or does he just not care?
Cartoon Rapist Brad Jones
Anyway this video is just so boring, he talks the biggest load of shit throughout the entire video making a bunch of stupid references to other movies and actors because reasons. He also constantly mentions that one of the children is wearing a bad wig, his milks this joke so much it goes into South Park level's of bad comedy, and when he goes that low you just know how low he has sunk. And that's the first thing he keeps mentioning, the other one is the actor Leif Garrett, who he just keeps yapping on about so he can create another internet meme to warrant his existence. Just don't watch this video unless you want your ears to bleed, or condone molesting, because that's what you do when you watch the Cinema Snob.

I would post some comments but they are mostly people complaining about Blip not working, though there was one comment that pegged my interest. It was a comment by former Team Snob member Jerrid, someone mentioned him and he responded, take a look below:

I wonder how long until this is deleted, doesn't matter because I've screen capped it. The jokes on you if you do Brad Jones.

And does he ever stop with the midnight screening's, does he have to see every fucking movie that comes out, I mean does this guy even have a life outside of being a poser.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

42nd Street Forever, Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion

Another one of these video's where he just watches trailers, at least this one is funny unlike the others. He makes lots of funny jokes and overall the video is enjoyable, though that is due to the source material which anyone could make fun of if they put enough effort in. He says that he's doing this instead of a Cinema Snob episode because he's lazy, uhm, that's not a good excuse, that's something Spoony One would say, but that's another bucket of worms. The video is good so go watch it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brad Tries The State Fair 2014

Love at first sight
On man was this video nasty, not because of the food they were eating but because of the way they were acting. They were snacking on each others food and drinking out of each others drinks, someone go get the United Nations and teach these people some manners. Even a dog would have better manners, but remember they are "murican" so intellect is as common as an orgy on Capital Hill. And who the hell was the person with the red hair, I expect introductions in my internet video's, thank you very much. And I know they always act like this at a state fair but come on, have they no shame or standards?

Didn't you know Brad already sucked every guys cock on the site, how do you think he pays them
Yes guy, it is really dirty, but they're all local and all
Like he ever replies, he just see's the fanbase as a tool for making money for himself

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Driller: A Sexual Thriller

Let's look at the title card first, it has Brad as Micheal Jackson doing the thriller song. Because that's what we want to see, a man child dancing to Micheal Jackson, that's just as sad as his laughable attempt at being a legitimate comedian. Now onto the actual video, it is funny at certain parts but that's only because of what he's showing and not his actual lines of dialog, he's done this numerous times because he can't come up with any funny dialog himself so he just resorts to showing bizarre or funny clips and just stating what's happening. Because in place of actual humor you just insert a clip because it's funnier that anything you'll ever say.

And why doesn't he use his old song "Believe It or Not" you say. That's because they told him to stop using it because he can't legally make money of their copyright but when it comes to Micheal Jackson he can, let's just wait until he gets a message telling him to not use it. Take the scene where he shows the Nixon impersonator doing the Nixon voice, it's only funny because of what he shows and not anything he said, the same thing goes for when he shows Nixon shoving his nose in someone's ass (albeit black boxed). He also says that "it's not the first time someone has asked what's wrong with Micheal Jackson's face" when the guy turns into a werewolf, and that's just a low blow right there, the guys dead and people are still making a mockery of him. I knew Brad had no shame but this is just the low of the low,

The child molester himself
At one point he references that Italian zombie director and why can't be review stuff that he's done, the only thing he does now is stupid porno's (because of the views), biopics (because he's an idiot), and the popular slasher films. At the end of the video he shows one of the characters saying "Oh geese Loise I've lost my keys". Now isn't that just the funniest thing you've heard all day, but I take it Brad Jones mugshot is. Anyway the video was alright but he could have chosen something better to make a video on but as we all know Brad loves his porn (probably why he's still single) and it rakes in all the retards who think they can watch porn for free.

I know, show some respect Brad
Another failed promise
Sums up the Cinema Snobs fanbase correctly

No it's not funny, it's overused and plain stupid
Because he's an idiot
 That's it for this time, tune in for the disgusting time at the fair, next time on the sucks blog.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well it's been a while since the Cinema Snob has put out a good video, even though it's under his "what the fuck Hollywood" video's it's still very funny. That's about it, the only bad thing I could say is that Brad Jones is straying from his roots, he's been reviewing movies that's way out of the genre he used to review. This is the 8th video this year that's under the "what the fuck Hollywood", it's like he's trying to coin a term just like all the others on TGWTG, oh and the Game Chasers. Anyway, it's a funny video so go check it out and check out some of the comments below:
I know, these movies don't deserve the hate they get
Can't you let Brad speak for himself, stop being a bunch of fanboys
See, I'm not the only one who remembers him, to life immortal bitches
A poor excuse Brad, those movies were lame and not up to standard, stop lowering the bar
That's it for this post, hopefully the next video he does if funny too, but don't get your hopes up because for every one good video there's multiple bad ones.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Seriously, this shit again, just because he mentioned the sequel in his last video doesn't mean that he has to review it. Brad probably has a hard on for Lou Ferrigno, can't you tell by the way he looks at him and the constant repeating of the Minos clip. At least this time the video has a few funny jokes, but there mostly in the first half of the video and the rest of it is just as unbearable as the other video. From stupid jokes about slime people to the Mothra fairies, this video's got it all, shame the rest of the video is mostly trash.

In the video he pretends to text spoony about appearing as Doctor Insano for a cameo, but when the time comes the Neanderthal known as Film Brain pops up, just look at how ugly and pathetic he is.
You guess which one's film brain because both are just so hideous
For some reason when he appears he brags about banging Cinema Snobs ex girlfriend/boyfriend, though I'm sure he's talking about Jerrid or Jake, and that just begs the question as to why he would even say that. I mean it wasn't funny, just plain weird and stupid. And Brad didn't even say this guy looks like Adrien Brody. Oh and how many times is her gonna use the stupid Minos clip, it's not even funny! What was he thinking?
Come on, you know you want to
Basically this video is a perfect example that the Cinema Snob doesn't know what the hell to do, just look at how many video's he's done this year that are actual exploitation. And no, those gay porn movies he watched doesn't count, all he does is just flood his website with all those god awful midnight screenings which is basically just a bunch of idiots talking out of there ass in a car. Though we'll just see how sad he gets when he inevitably starts a Paetron account, that'll be a new low for him outside of turning tricks in a gas station. Goodbye for now, and remember don't say Candy man in the mirror, or Biggie Smalls for that matter.

Check out what little comments there was that wasn't posted by the Cinema Snob's dickriders.

Because the longer the video is the more money Brad Jones gets
I guess Brad literally took the fat girl to the prom, am I right?

Wow, only two comments that weren't posted by fanboys, seems like that's all that's left on the Cinema Snob. Whatever happened to the voice of reason in the comments section, oh wait he bans anybody who disagrees with him. Though that's why proxy's were invented.