Saturday, 5 July 2014


Sigh, it's another one of those video's where Brad only does it because it's controversial, just like his Mommy Dearest review. This "review" is a perfect example of Brad Jones' own stupidity and failure at properly reviewing a film, he clearly has a negative view of the film from before watching it as made clear in the video. He has this movie all backwards, he thinks it pissing all over John Belushi's life by just making a biopic about him even though it's giving the audience much more than just a lesson about drugs, something the cinema snob has trouble understand.

Just look at his approach to the movie, from the get go you know what he thinks of it though he just goes through the movie trying to make jokes, emphasis on the trying part. He just pokes at every aspect the film handles even though they've all got their part to play as part of the greater narrative, from the Cab driver to the morgue scene, there's no end of Brad's hatred of this film. He constantly mentions throughout the video that this or that could have been done to make the film better but it's just Brad's attempt at how he can make it better, by that logic should we take moments from other movies out just because we disagree with them. No, I didn't think so...
The Idiot himself
This movie gives the viewer a much clearer picture of the life Belushi lead, with scenes of comedy and remorse, the film achieves the perfect balance between the two. I though Brad would have liked this movie but I guess he's just jumping on the bandwagon of hating on a movie just because everyone else did. That's all I'm gonna say for now so please read this comment posted by "The Viewer":
A great comment left by some brave soul, this is how you review a movie. Brad Jones should learn from this
The end comment is just Golden, further encapsulating the already damaged Snob persona
Either this is Brad actual feelings on the film or he just plagiarized another guys review just like his Mommie dearest and Endless Love video's

That's it for now, let's see what other shit Brad  Jones farts out, it's been a pleasure as always.

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