Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This better not become a thing for the Cinema Snob, because he's really stretching out from what he usually reviews. Just look at his Wired and his Mommy Dearest video's, from watching years ago would you ever think a exploitation film reviewer would make a video on those movies?

Never mind about that, onto the actual video, and no I won't call them reviews because he doesn't do any reviewing in them. Though the second half of the video was funny, the first half was a real drag with jokes and references that go nowhere. Why would he even mention obscure stuff? Just to let you know they exist because that's the kind of guy Brad Jones is! The video clocks in at 33 minutes and boy is that long for a cinema snob video, it's only that long because he doesn't stop trying to crack jokes every god damn two seconds.
And there you have it, Brad Jones, the guy who makes fun of children
He even makes fun of some kid just because he thinks he looks funny, he says and I quote "somebody fix that kids face". The kind of comment you'd expect to come from someone who gets fucked by his butt buddy, Jerrid. Even though there was some legitimately funny jokes you can't take away that he made fun of a child, that and him making a video on something just to let you know it exists! Anyway if Brad really wanted a proper opinion on the movie he should have did  a cross over with that sports guy that appeared in that sci fi guys Rollerball review, does anyone besides me watch that guy?

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