Thursday, 31 July 2014


Ah, another cash grab video for the Cinema Snob, that's the fifth one this year, what's wrong Brad is your wallet taking a beating from buying Jerrid some lube. Anyway onto the shitty video, and believe me this video is the perfect material if you ever want to go into a coma. First of all he's only doing the video because there's a new Hercules movie in the cinema, he even admits it like making money off someone else's property is something to be proud of, yeah I'm looking at you TGWTG and all let's players. He even show's clips from the two Hercules movies that were released this year, he wouldn't get away with this on YouTube, luckily on Blip you can get away with almost anything you want.
Mr Shit Eating Grin himself
And don't get me started on all those terrible jokes he made throughout the video, they were just not funny and the only people who would laugh at them would be brain dead idiots. I can't even believe he went with this script, he was probably watching the movie writing jokes and was like "yeah, this will be hilarious". Brad Jones is just a simple man who is "too caught up in his own unfunnyness to notice that he's not funny", now where did that Nostalgia Critic quote come from? Anyway, don't even watch this video unless you want to listen to unfunny jokes and an ego the size of Mount Fuji. Right after a funny video he jumps right back into the shit, that's the Cinema Snob for you. I won't even bother to post any of the comments because they're all a bunch of dickriders on the Cinema Snob's website, people are weird.

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