Thursday, 17 July 2014


Well almost two weeks went by without a review though luckily the Cinema Snob released a video, a boy was it the funniest video he's released in a long time. What much else can I say about it, it was short and funny, both of which are needed to make a video good. The only nuisance about the video is that he did it only because the new planet of the apes is in the cinema, and mentioning and showing clips from other apes movies...because he doesn't like them? Anyway go watch the video, make up your own mind and maybe you'll laugh.


Hey look, a literal concerned viewer
Exactly, don't insult good movies
Agree with this but take out the man crying part because the video was funny but not that funny to make a man cry

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  1. Rio..Globo and Ancine..that soviet facist old fashion government mule..not represents real brazilian movies