Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Stepfather

Now we won't be right back
 He starts if off with saying that the video isn't in 3D, funny because the last one was, my sides are just splitting. Seriously what is wrong with him "reviewing" movie's that are getting remaked, oh wait people google searching the new one may come across his video talking about the old one, I just answered my own question because it's just that simple to see Brad Jones' motivations, money.

He makes a reference to Halloween since there's a street that looks like one from the movie (how many streets in the USA look like this), inserts music over scenes with different music because that's always hilarious. Just look at how he handles the "review", trying to crack jokes ever two seconds to get the stupid internet monkeys to watch his videos, it's not even funny just annoying since all the way throughout the video you've gotta listen to him drone on about the movie. It's just sad to see him mimic a scene from the movie, it just shows how bad of an actor he his.
He shamelessly references and shows clip from one of his shitty home movies, generally this is stuff you show your close friends but the Cinema Snob shows it to the world...thinking he's the Angry Video Game Nerd. He isn't him but he's just as sad and pathetic and AVGN, anyway the video is only watchable because of the movie he's talking about since it's interesting unlike Snob's actual episodes, C Thomas Howell called and wants you to remove your shitty cosplay show. Anyway let's have a look at what comments people have posted:

More like a Razzie
No it was poorly acted and terrible
What's wrong with you, the acting was great, what movie were you watching
We know it's you Brad

Verdict: Only watch it for the interesting parts, not for Snob himself.


  1. I'm going to pray for you. Your brand of Christianity makes me ill

    1. Dude, this is a character he puts out to satire/parody trolls etc of the internet. Yeah, occasionally he speaks an honest issue he might have, but this is for show. I am going to finally finish my post on this blog since he's back, so maybe people will finally get what Pearse in about. (P.S. I too initially was upset about his blog and called him out on some stuff that bothered me - see his "My Baby is Black" post)

  2. Take a look at the poster, my brother has taken over the blog. I stopped when snob's videos got so bad, I honestly don't care anymore. I still watch his video's from time to time though and yea, they still suck.


      Feel free to post this on the Sucks blogs, you're Google + and your brother