Monday, 30 June 2014

Robot Wars

It's that season again, no not summer but the season of reviewing a specific movie because there's a similar movie playing in the theaters. Ah, you gotta love the smell of money faggery, oh wait that's just the shit the Cinema Snob calls a video.

He complains about the long intro sequence of music being played as the camera goes around the mech, shouldn't Brad like this since most movies don't do this anymore, not that he would remember anything he has said before. He also complains about a lot of stupid stuff in the movie just like I'm doing here, because it's funny to be...not funny. Seriously his jokes are as funny as a riff on the Room. He starts talking about Don Micheal Paul's (Drake, main character) career just to let you know what happened to him, is this a review on the actor or the movie?
Just to let you know this exists
He says a guy looks like Andrew McCarthy and no that guy looks nothing like him, just like his Captain Sisko joke where he said some random black guy looked like Sisko from DS9. It just goes to show that Brad references stuff better than the movie he is "reviewing" even though when doing a TGWTG review your not supposed to mention stuff better than the movie your reviewing. Even though don't play by their own rules. He also randomly references David Goyer just so he can take a jab at him having worked on some Puppet Master and demonic toys movies, just to let you know they exist.

He looks nothing like Captain Sisko
One of his biggest faults in the "review" is that he mistaken some Japanese guys for Chinese guys, this isn't the first time Snobs done this, don't American's just love mixing people up. It's not like both peoples are totally different and you can tell a Japanese person from a Chinese person but to Brad Jones they all look alike. Another fact further compounding his stupidity is that they do Kendo in the movie, a Japanese sport, even the average person probably knows this if they can spot Japan on the map.
Totally Chinese guys
Anyway, a below average review only watchable because of it being from the 90's. If I really wanted to see a review of this film I would wait until That Sci-fi guy does it. Now a look at some comments:

We all know Blip is shit but how can they make money
That's just Brad being an idiot again
Probably because Brad is just a poser just like most of those on TGWTG

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