Monday, 13 January 2014

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Not another one of these what the fuck segments, I really hate these reviews and this one sucks the big one. It's just sad and depressing the watch, he only does these types of reviews to use the footage of the movies he is reviewing itself rather than his own jokes for comedy and that's exactly what he does. This is the first Cinema Snob episode where there is a midroll ad and man should he be ashamed of himself, this again shows he wants $$$$$$.

The lowest part of this review is where brad repeats a line from the movie and tries to use that as a joke, it was just sad to see him do that. He easily could have done a crossover with someone from TGWTG who does musicals for this review as they would analyse the movie from a music standpoint and not shits and giggles like how brad does it. I really didn't like this review and brad ends it off with saying "but it was ok when across the universe did it", that was just low brad. That movie is recent and people liked it but the one he is reviewing is old and sucks so he has to attack it just to bring you out of the review to let you know he hates that specific movie. Were not here to talk about that so stop doing that brad, what's next more Halloween and Terrance Malick hate. Overall this review is horrible, his jokes are flat and sad plus it's not even enjoyable to watch.

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Brad Tries Getting Home
Interesting to see brad's story of getting home, that was a good video unlike this review.


  1. Across the Universe sucks? Yeah I know the covers aren't always great. But when it's on TV I watch it. Oh well, I guess not enough blood, gore and sex in it for Brad.

    1. He's probably just lashing out at it because people actually enjoyed the film unlike the one he reviewed.