Sunday, 26 January 2014

Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

Nobody who commits suicide deserves respect, I know im gonna get hate for this but it's the truth. He isn't going to heaven, all those who kill themselves go to hell and that's a fact. Im not the only one saying this as there are many others, people tend to only say good when someone die's as if you mention anything negative even if it's the truth your an ignorant bastard.

Cinema Snob, Spoony One and everyone else is saying goodbye and due to them personally knowing him they don't want to say wrong and I understand that. Noah Antwiler said that he doesn't know what to do but Brad gave a message about the event on his site which is more than Spoony One did and it's what he should have. As you can see in the image below Ferreira attacked spoony as he will probably use this event as an excuse not to work, I don't condone his actions but what he said is probably true. Spoony has recently been padding out his commentaries even though they take zero effort to make and upload because he is lazy.
The thing is that he left his wife and family behind, if he got that far in life why would he commit suicide (With a Gun) so don't expect me or others to pity him for doing something this ignorant to what he had in life. Whatever reason he had cannot justify his actions.


  1. I don't think you are going to get alot of hate since very few people comment on your blob. And btw the bible says alot of crap it contradicts itself so often that its quite humorous. If lets say if you found the bible in the library and you had no idea about Christianity would you really think YES this is the book for me time to base my life around this.

  2. By the way Fuck you you ignorant christian hate filled homophobic xenophobic child raping peace of dirt

    1. Stop insulting the church, it's disrespectful. Say that to someone of the faith on the street and see what happens.

    2. This is what happens when you let some know-nothing potato eating prick have access to the internet. Nothing more than a troll looking for attention by disrespecting others. No wonder our country is vastly superior to yours, we actually respect the dead instead of rummaging through their pockets for loose change since your whole fucking country is poor.

  3. Depression and other mental illnesses are what drive people to suicide, you don't just give up one day and end it. It's a known psychological and chemical issue within one's mind, to say that someone suffering from a mental illness should be disrespected and is going to hell because that mental illness beat them is terrible.

    If you're christian than actually follow what you preach instead of just going "Ah, he killed himself he's goin' straight to hell."