Thursday, 9 January 2014

Brad Bans Long Time Watcher Master Chen

The asshole himself in the background
Brad has banned a fellow watcher of his show who has been with him for years over a single argument involving criticism. Master Chen informed me the other day that this happened to him and I was shocked, is this a revelation of new events that will befold the cinema snob just like the Spoony One all those years ago or is this a one off event. Master Chen says enough that I don't have to, read his message to me for what happened.

Below is the message I received and the conversation that happened on Brads site, read for the juicy details.

In other News
Brad got in the background of a news channel around 1:45, nice.

Brad has been at a con recently and that's why he hasn't done a video yet so I'll wait until then, meanwhile he uploaded a bunch of vlogs that he did on the same day and altogether they last hours so how sad was that. He must have spent a huge chunk of his day doing just that but he wanted some content for us so I can understand.


  1. Well at least he didn't frame this guy for death threats.

    1. Exactly just like framing someone for rape, nobody is gonna take your side.

    2. Because nobody takes the side of the accused due to social stigma but we here know the truth.

  2. Well, the thing is...I'm not a "fan". I've already pretty clearly stated before: I'm just around. It doesn't mean I necessarily like everything he does/did/plans to do. I never licked Brad's ass, nor I hated his guts heavily like you do. I just watch his videos and respond accordingly when I feel like doing so. I've been on his site and youtube channel for about two/three years, I've pretty much watched all of the videos he posted so far, but that doesn't necessarily make me a "fan" of his. That's just what I do usually, you see - I'm a very bored person by default, that has tons of free time on his hands (I work only three days a week, 8 hours a day, so majority of the week I have absolutely free for myself) - I tend to search for "interesting enough" channels to watch on internet (be that main sites of some people, youtube channels, or twitch), and if I see something that interests me highly enough to the extent where I start commenting on such videos, that's what I do. That doesn't me me a "fan", because I'm not licking anyone's ass - I just comment on what I see, when I feel like commenting. Basically leaving an opinionated mark of some kind.
    I'm not a fan of "Cinema Snob" site, neither I am of Brad Jones in particular - I just find some of his rants interesting enough to listen to (usually Midnight Screenings). I don't find "Cinema Snob" site's team "funny", I just want to listen for someone to say something interesting, so that's why I watch that site's videos. Information is what interests me in the first place, not his attempts to make jokes or insults to some works of certain film directors. And if someone fails heavily (like he did with that absolutely unnecessary, completely unreasoned, totally unjustified attack on the character Glenn in the Walking Dead TV show), I just point it out in the comments to the video. That's just what I tend to do. Always. No matter what channel I'm watching, no matter who I'm listening to. I'm just overly nerdy and picky that way. That's just the person I am.

    I've did that in the past, when Brad absolutely unreasonably and completely unjustifiably attacked Final Fantasy series as a whole. And I also did that recently - when he tried to mock Russian cinematography even though he pretty much really doesn't know anything about it.
    This isn't the first time I did something like this, nor Brad's site the first place ever where I did this.
    Usually when I critique something, I try to be as informative as possible about it, not jumping onto "troll" or "outright rage" rails. This time I was seriously pissed off by Brad attacking Glenn out of a blue, which I still believe was a completely unnecessary and unjustified thing to do, so I acted accordingly.
    My point is: I'm not a fan, but considering that I've did similar things before and Brad never chastised me for it (actually responded just fine), but this time outright banned me on spot while leaving very immature "last word will always be by me, grow up kid"-comment on the page (the most funniest part about this is that he was unprofessional enough as to go and actually call me a "kid", even though I'm older than him), thus not letting me respond back, so that he can feel better about himself, was very lame, in my opinion.

    1. Interesting, your kinda like me. I also am really bored and have free time so I watch videos on the internet, I wouldn't call myself a fan much like yourself as I watch the videos because im interested and not that im there for the person.

      I think I recall Brad attacking Final Fantasy as he said why call it that if it's not the final game even though brad has no clue what he's talking about. I also run the spoony one sucks blog as he needs the criticism because I just can't stand him attacking the final fantasy games because he is trolling them, I wrote very detailed posts fighting back against what he said and his fanboys raged like idiots even though the info of why he is wrong is there. I don't hate any internet reviewer but just have problems with them as that's just the style in which I offer criticism, in a troll like manner mostly for entertainment value but the information is there so im happy.

      I forgot that you weren't a fan but just around when typing this around so I'll edit that now so people understand.

    2. I actually don't hate Spoony for his FF reviews.
      I actually laughed quite a lot when he "attacked" Final Fantasy VIII, my personally most loved game in the series (I actually love it much more than VII, for many reasons), I seriously think and believe that people misunderstood Noah very heavily when they started raging about him ganging up on FF VIII.

      Because we can clearly see that Noah is actually a very big fan of FF VIII and it all was a very big, elaborate plan, from the very beginning. If you watch his "Final Fantasy VIII" videos carefully, and Fecal Fartasy XIII videos later, you can clearly see that he's actually a very big fan of FF VIII: buying and collecting action models and statuettes of FF VIII characters, hanging official FF VIII-themed posters, wearing FF VIII-themed T-Shirt, hell - he even gone as far as to make a pretty decent quality cosplay costume of Squall and a Gunblade replica. It is obvious as a day that Spoony actually likes FF VIII very much.
      The problem is - many people seriously missed on that one point and thus actually believe he hates FF VIII, which he really does not.

      Unlike Fecal Fartasy XIII. Now THAT one is a true piece of shit.
      This game is SO BAD that it's the only FF game in the entire franchise, to which I gave "2 out of 10" in my game ratings at my GameFAQs profile's "My Games" list ( ), so far.
      That is the lowest of low so far (even to the unholy abomination of mankind, which FF X-2 is, I gave 3 out of 10, and that says a lot - ).
      Yes, FF XIII is so bad that it's even worse than X-2, which is very sad. SaaaaaD.
      It's really, REALLY bad. And I really felt Spoony's pain when I watched his FF XIII videos.
      And I'm not just some "random gamer guy", I must warn you.
      I'm a truly hardcore gamer with several thousands of completely finished titles behind my shoulders and with more than 27 years of actual gaming experience in overall. I never give any games I play overrated or underrated scores. I'm perfectly neutral when it comes to things like this, and I always judge the game only out of my personal playing experience, regardless of the platform it's on, regardless of scores it gets by "professional" critics.
      FF XIII is BAD. Hence if got such a low score from me. It's such of a bad game, that it almost hangs on a verge of being completely unplayable.

      When I was watching Noah's FF VIII videos I never raged because of what he was saying or been angry at him and his reactions, not even for a second. Because I perfectly saw what he was doing there, I understood his plan right from the start.

      However...when it came to FF wasn't like that at all anymore.
      Unlike with FF VIII, I can clearly see the completely unrestrained HATRED Noah has towards FF XIII (and, I'm pretty certain, towards XIII-2 too, and will have for "Lighting Returns" in the near future). And I agree with him on this particular one. Hell - at some point he even came out and outright admitted that "FF VIII wasn't so bad if you compare it to FF XIII, FF VIII is actually a pretty decent game if being compared to that piece of retarded shit", which was quite funny for me to hear.
      What I'm trying to say here, is that, basically, criticizing Noah for EVERY "Final Fantasy sucks" video is, in my opinion, not a right way to go. Because it's pretty clear that he actually likes FF VIII. Thus he shouldn't be marked as hating "every Final Fantasy game ever", because he clearly does not hate all of them. I don't know if I'm the only person on the entire planet who sees this in him, but I seriously believe he doesn't hate FF VIII - by the way he tries to portray it in his videos I just cannot see the pure hatred for that one, and I can clearly see his hatred towards FF XIII.

      Anyway, that's just my personal opinion.

    3. Dude, I think he really dislikes Final Fantasy 8. He said it even in non-review settings. He has probably bought the gunblade to feature in his reviews just like all the other shit around his house. Besides, he even has a poster of Highlander 2. He collects movies and games that suck.
      As for Final Fantasy 8, he really said in the very first video of his review that "it didn't relly start getting bad until Final Fantasy 10, but this is where it all started to go wrong".

    4. Yea I know he doesn't hate the 8th game as when he did that it was just an act to make fun of it and to get views, he does like the game and it's evident from what you said and all the stuff he bought from the game. Nobody who hates it would do that but he just vents anger at all the rest like an idiot.

  3. So Pearse and Master Chen you gonna just keep talking to yourself? If you go through the comments and read them, and some of the others on some of your posts here that have screenshots of the comments second at Brad's site (Which always include Master Chen's comments) it's obvious you're the same guy. You use the same syntax and phrases and sentence structure. The only difference is you space your stuff out in paragraphs more as Pearse here.

    What did this guy do to make you so butthurt? I mean really? I'm not even a fan of his, at all, I've never watched a single video. I googled the stuff that's been going on with Angry Joe (Who I dislike) and this poorly written blog came up. I was perplexed by its very existance, since I've always heard this was the only decent guy among the manchildren of TGWTG. I mean, I can understand the Irate Gamer Sucks blog (Which you ripped off) but I've gone through and read your posts and there doesn't seem to be much here at all to be mad at with this guy. You're wasting your life.

    Also, it's quite clear in the way you speak, 'Master-Chen', that you're not older than Brad, I don't know anyone in their late 30s that writes shit like STFU noob and HUEG and all the other retarded internet slang you use. Also, it's clear you were quite hostile and insulting in your comments, and deserved to be banned. Brad even brought up that you'd been doing this shit for awhile, and he was clearly tolerating it until then. You come off as a hostile child, who is on the site to tear him down every chance you get. What's the chance that there's two guys who care enough about some obscure movie reviewer to both do that, AND run a blog against him?

    Yeah, it's you running this blog.

  4. the dude is an asshole, tell him to use a tripod is enough to get a ban. Hes a fucking moron