Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Top 10 Cinema Snob Moments of 2013

Well I disagree with most of the moments in his top ten as they weren't funny and were from bad reviews, they were also mostly recent dating back months which raises alarms. Even the gay porn movie he reviewed was in there and im still disgusted that he reviewed that movie, fucking gay faggot. Brads number one was I spit on your grave and god was that awful, I still get Nam flashbacks about that review.

This video itself is ok and was watchable unlike a ton of his reviews this year, he never included me the cheap bastard in his top ten moments....... or Chris Conley but he would never do that or even create a top ten worst moments because he can't admit when he is wrong or his faults. I was glad to see Tampon Tango in the list as that's my favourite review of this year...... and not the junk has had on his list.

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In other News
Angry Joe being a dick on YouTube to his fans, what an ass. The Mexican jumping bean should learn some manners and put out real video game reviews from now on.


  1. I thought Joe was a Puerto Rican, not straight Mexican?

    1. Yea I know he's from there but im just insulting him.