Sunday, 22 December 2013

Silent Night, Deadly Night

So this is our Christmas review from the Cinema Snob, well it wasn't horrible but it was certainly below average. He didn't even wish us merry Christmas, how dare he. I'm gonna have trouble sleeping tonight, anyhow to the review. The bits with asshole hack Linkara are kinda pointless and unfunny, hurry up and
review the rest of S.C.I. Spy and Marville already ass wipe. In the video they try to act like granny Linkara is telling the gay faggot a story about how the cinema snob reviewed Silent Night, Deadly Night, brad turns into a Photoshop filter and when it fades to the video he says why was my skin a different color and a bunch of stupid other shit. That happens a few times in the video and it's stupid not funny, can't brad put out a hilarious video for once.

Brad references Chucky, Halloween, An American Werewolf in London, Friday the 13th in the first ten minutes, he also talks about slasher movies and says "but it was ok when Halloween did it" again not talking about the movie he is reviewing but taking a jab at one he doesn't like. He always does this and it serves no other purpose than to let the viewer know he hates those movies. Oh yea I have to mention this because im getting pissed off at brad, he hates on Christianity again...... seeing a pattern anyone. He always does it whenever he can and he should stop, try picking on another religion and see what happens. He also does a stupid recurring joke in this review when he makes a joke he already has made before in the review of the sequel to this movie an alarm goes off. He does that from time to time and it isn't funny.
Jerrid also makes an appearance and gets shot by brad just like last time, funny I guess..... we at least he shot one of the two repeat sex offenders in brads area. Brad sadly makes a bunch of nun jokes and say's this should have been called Silent Night Rapey Night...... get it because someone gets raped yes hilarious. Overall this video is below average, there wasn't really any funny jokes he made but seeing the clips of the movie was entertaining but that certainly does count as it's not his footage.

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In other news
Brad with live nude geeks, aww you sick fuck.
Spoony's and Brad's sex tape, I don't think anyone of us want to picture either of them thrusting....... makes my skin crawl.

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