Saturday, 14 December 2013

Russian The Hobbit

Oh fuck you brad, stop reviewing movies related to ones that are out in threatres just to rack in views. It's honestly pathetic that you do this to get views which shows how desperate you are, he also mentions it which shows again that he only wants the green. He uses the review like always to attack films (Including this one) and directors that he doesn't like which is the opposite to what he is meant to be doing, he is meant to talk about the said film and review it. Not just summarize the plot while making jokes along the way and referencing stuff you hate just to let the viewer know that you hate them..... but wait I thought this was a "character" and not yourself brad.
I did laugh when brad said "is Gandalf going to fuck them" but huh I thought when someone makes that face it means they want to eat someone and no I won't let that go. He only said that in the my baby is black video because he probably thought that people would say he's racist for mentioning a black guy made a rape face because you know stereotypes. That stupid puppet from last time appears in the video so what is this a regular "character" on the "show" now too brad..... ugh go call yourself Craig. Overall this "review" is not bad but certainly below average, he probably looked at those funny subtitled videos of  the Russian Hobbit and copied them except they weren't that funny overall and the YouTube ones are far superior so if your looking for someone to make fun of it then go watch those.

Video Link

In other news
This was interesting to see and did I laugh, a guy called brad a fat fuck in his floor years and a few guys jumped him and started attacking him for his comment. Read it to find out the rest.

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