Friday, 6 December 2013

Let My Puppets Come

Man did this review suck, not to say that there weren't funny bit but they were in the video footage and not brads jokes so that doesn't count. This video was weird and not the usual weird but puppet porn weird, yes that exists and I didn't want to know that. There are some sick people in this world, what will brad review next tentacle rape hentai porn...... no I don't think I should be giving him ideas. Since brad is reviewing a movie with puppets in it he gets out his own and it's not funny at all, he only uses it to attack other films and directors he doesn't like as usual. He also took a job at people in the comments section as we all know TGWTG's doesn't like criticism and must stamp it out like an Orwellian regime.
Brad attacks Terrence Malick using the puppet saying that his movies are just pretentious bulllshit, I don't understand why he has it out for him. What just because brad didn't like Tree of Life, a ton of others did and it wasn't acclaimed for nothing so get your head out of your ass. I hope this doesn't mean that you don't like any of his movies because the Thin Red Line is a masterpiece and I would lose any respect I have for you if you don't like it. The stupid puppet brad uses isn't funny at all and brad talks to it saying "how big is your dick" as if he needs to dick size to show how manly he is and how big he penis is, like that's what counts in life. I really hate people who do that, it's just really pathetic.
Overall this review was bad, the only bit I laughed at was the part where the puppet says come and get it. Now that was hilarious but the same can't be said for the rest of the video, brad mentions that he did jerk off a few times during the film and dude did we not want to know that or that you can't legally review dog fucker. He makes that jokes when a dog puppet has sex with a woman puppet the sick fuck, why would someone want to watch that. Degradation of society anyone.

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In other news
Brad deleted Chris Conley's comments when he tried to tell brad that it wasn't him who sent him the death threats but brad didn't care and posted this.

The Random Button: "Chup Chup Ke"
Brad mentioned in this that he shares revenue of this video with his friends, I always wondered if he did that so im guessing that in the videos his friends appear they get a slice of the cash.
Brad really believe that Chris Conley sent him those death threats and is going to stop him from posting, oh no not a fake threat from the internet. Brad must have took that to heart as if someone would actually come to his house and hurt him or his friends, anyhow Chris was only commenting to share his opinion and wasn't doing any harm so brad shouldn't have said that or remove his posts.

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